SOMETHiNG WiCKED, indeed! You Tube removes video exposing Dems entirely with their own words – for ‘misinformation’

A wickedly popular YouTube account exposing the hypocrisy of anti-election denial Democrats using their very own words has been punished for violating the company’s “Community Guidelines” policy on “misinformation.”

Dems around the country spoke profusely about “election denial” heading up to the November midterms, but their own sins were conveniently memory-holed.

When the YouTube account of “SOMETHiNG WiCKED” posted a compilation in September debunking left-wing HBO host Bill Maher’s claim that Republicans are solely at fault for casting doubt on America’s elections, the video was promptly removed over “misinformation.”



At the beginning of the video, Maher claims election denial is “a giant problem that exists almost exclusively on one side. “Cue the “flashback” reel which shows Democrats, including big names like Hillary Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown, Stacey Abrams, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Bernie Sanders, and others denying various election results, accusing their Republican opponents of “stealing” elections, and casting doubt on electronic voting machines.

Many of the clips came from before former President Donald Trump ever came down the infamous escalator, and before YouTube’s “Company Guidelines” prohibited mentions of election denial. But for the crime of pointing out that Maher was incorrect in exclusively blaming the GOP for the recent trend, “SOMETHiNG WiCKED” had its video removed and its account permanently dinged.

To be abundantly clear, nowhere in the video did the poster advocate for denying elections. He did not say that election denial is correct, or acceptable. In fact, all he did was allow politicians and media pundits to talk about the subject in their own words.

Still, this was not enough for the powers that be at YouTube, who rejected the appeal.

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Sierra Marlee


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