Son of successful banker goes to trial for murder of father, he claims it was an exorcism gone wrong

The son of a successful Massachusetts banker reportedly drowned his father in a pond during an exorcism designed to rid him of a demon.

Jack Callahan, 22, later told police he drowned his father, Scott, 57, to rid him of a demon named “Dirty Dan,” according to The Independent.

“I left him there to decide, you can come to heaven with me or hell,”  he told the police. “I think he chose hell.”

The murder happened in June of 2021 after Callahan’s father checked himself out of an alcohol addiction center and then headed to a bar in Boston for a drink —  no joke.

“His son [Callahan] had travelled in an Uber to collect him and return him to the family home in Duxbury, but asked the driver to pull over for him to smoke a cigarette when they were near the pond,” The Independent notes.

That’s when the attack happened.

“[Callahan] indicated that the victim had been punching him in the face. He went on to state that in this incident at the pond, he believed he was baptizing his father,” Assistant District Attorney Shanan Buckingham said at Callahan’s arraignment.

“He described that he was holding his father in the pond on his back like a baby, that he continually dunked the father’s head in the water about four to eight times, that when the father started to cough and choke, he would lift his head up,” Buckingham continued.

“And then when the father started to fight and strike him, he would push the head back into the water. He did so until his father was no longer struggling and floating,” she added.

Callahan then returned home in soaking wet clothes and told his mother that his father was missing, prompting her to call the authorities and tell them that her son was suffering a mental health breakdown.

“The mother indicated that the defendant had not exhibited this behavior before and that he had no history of mental illness,” Buckingham said.

“Police arrived and found the teen to be ‘worked up and distraught,’ and on a few occasions, he hyperventilated and passed out, prompting officers to call an ambulance,” according to

Callahan told the authorities that his father had been hitting him when he “blacked out.”

“He’s missing. I don’t know what happened. I blacked out,” he said.

“Police learned that the pair had been dropped off at the pond around midnight,” notes. “Authorities searched the pond and found Scott Callahan underwater with his suitcases floating nearby. He was pronounced dead at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Plymouth at 3:30 a.m.”

According to the Daily Mail, he was arrested the following day and cried during his first court hearing in 2021.

“Callahan’s attorney Kevin Reddington asked the judge to send the teen to Bridgewater State Hospital for a mental health evaluation, warning that he was a danger to himself,” the Daily Mail notes.

“He’s a very nice young man,” Reddington reportedly said. “He comes from a wonderful family.”

“My client had a concern for his father, knowing that he would be drinking and knowing that he shouldn’t be. He was going to try to take him back where he should be,” he added.

Years later, the jury trial for Callahan began last week at the Plymouth County Superior Court with Judge William Sullivan saying that it’ll likely last a week and a half or so.

The trial comes amid another “exorcism” that occurred in California, where a mother, uncle, and grandfather now face charges for the exorcism-related death of their 3-year-old, Arely Doe.

“Arely was found dead in a ‘church’ on private property on Sept. 24, 2021, with her mother, uncle and grandfather who are accused of assaulting her for 20 hours,” according to USA Today.

Arely “fought for her life as three trusted adults forcibly grabbed her by her neck, torso, back, and legs, smothered her by repeatedly attempting to pry open her mouth to make her vomit, and held her with so much force that she had internal bleeding and injuries,” prosecutors wrote in a memo reviewed by USA Today.

Why did they try to make her vomit? To get rid of the demon allegedly inside her …

Vivek Saxena


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