Source claims DOJ aware of Iran plot to kill Bolton, Pompeo, yet Biden presses on with nuclear deal

In order not to upset negotiations with Iran, the Biden administration has allegedly covered up a plot by two or more Iranian members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards’ Quds Force to assassinate American government officials, including former national security adviser John Bolton.

In an explosive exclusive, the Washington Examiner has revealed that, while the DOJ has enough evidence to indict the would-be killers, Biden administration officials wish to avoid publicly indicting the Iranians because it could upend nearly-completed negotiations in Vienna with the theocratic nation, according to a Justice Department official close to the investigation.

Though sealed indictments against the men may (but probably don’t) exist, the source stressed the serious nature of the failed conspiracy and stated that, combined with the evidence, an immediate and public indictment was warranted.

While some of the details of the plot are being withheld out of security concerns, the Washington Examiner is confident the source’s claims are solid, writing, “the DOJ source described it in highly specific terms as supported by significant Revolutionary Guard reconnaissance activity and involved an effort to recruit an assassin on U.S. soil.”

The plot was discovered early on by the intelligence community, prompting the assignation of a full-time Secret Service protective detail to Bolton in late 2021 or early in 2022. Additionally, a “significant” number of FBI assets were sent to assist in protecting Bolton and to disrupt the murderous scheme.

Bolton is not the only official who has been targeted. Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has had his Diplomatic Security Service protective detail extended by Congress, and other Trump-era officials who assisted with Iran issues have been similarly threatened.

Those threats are, according to the source, “are continuing, specific, and highly credible.”

The source also disclosed that “FBI agents and intelligence community personnel involved in disrupting the plot against Bolton are frustrated and angry that there have been no indictments and suspect political foot-dragging,” adding that both Bolton and Pompeo were briefed on classified intel related to the threats on condition of signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Neither Bolton nor Pompeo would comment on the matter.

Multiple sources told the Washington Examiner that the order to avenge the death-by-drone of known terrorist Qassem Soleimani with the assassination of a high-profile U.S. official were given by the Ayatollah Ali Kamenei to the Quds Force’s commander, Esmail Qaani.

While the Biden administration may deeply desire a completed nuclear deal with Iran and is currently hoping the nation will sell the U.S. oil, attempting to assassinate officials on U.S. soil is nothing sort of an act of war. With the plot revealed, it could prove problematic for Biden should he cave to Khamenei’s demands that the Trump-era sanctions designating the Revolutionary Guard as terrorists be lifted in exchange for either.

“Alongside existing Republican concerns over the nuclear deal, the Biden administration is likely to face hard questions from Congress should it restore the agreement with concessions to the guard force,” the Washington Examiner reports.

Melissa Fine


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