Speaker Johnson discusses his take on Biden’s SOTU address: ‘We will lose the Republic’

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) laid out the “stubborn” facts of the actual state of the union, warning we will “lose the Rebupblic” if America has to endure four more years of President Biden’s disastrous policies.

“I’m still shaking my head,” Johnson told Fox News anchors Dana Perino and Shannon Bream on Friday’s edition of “America’s Newsroom.”

(Video: Fox News)

“It was difficult to sit through,” he said of Biden’s State of the Union address. “It was a hyper-partisan speech that was full of information that everyone in the room knew wasn’t true.”

Take, for example, Biden’s claim that Republicans are responsible for the migrant crisis because they haven’t supported his “bipartisan” border bill.

“That bill did not solve the problem, and everybody knows it,” Johnson stated.

“We passed H.R.2, our now famous bill, 10 months ago, and it had five separate important provisions,” he said. “And they all work together.”

“You have to fix the asylum problem, the broken parole system. You got to reinstate Remain in Mexico, and you have to end catch and release. That’s what’s putting all these dangerous people out into our communities. And then rebuild the wall, continue building the wall,” Johnson explained. “That bill didn’t do it. And that’s why it never passed the Senate.”

“They should have had our House members in the negotiation from the very beginning on that,” he added. “I said that. We could have gotten there.”

Though Biden called murdered Georgia student Laken Riley, “Lincoln,” when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene demanded he “say her name,” Johnson said the president “went off the teleprompter and said the obvious truth” when he said she was an “innocent young woman who was killed by an illegal.”

“It’s a scourge across the country,” he said of the border crisis. “This is a humanitarian catastrophe, not just because of the people that are being affected, those being trafficked into the country, but now because we have Laken Riley-type events all around the country.”

He noted that, two days after Riley’s “brutal murder,” an “illegal migrant released into the country” raped a 14-year-old girl in Louisiana.

Just “a few hours before the president did the State of the Union,” Johnson said, the House passed the Laken Riley Act “on the floor.”

“One hundred seventy Democrats voted against it,” Johnson stated. “And it simply said that ICE would actually have to detain and put on a path to deportation, people who are dangerous.”

“I can’t believe they voted against that,” he added.

Johnson said he personally informed Biden of his authority to shut the border down.

“I’ve read him the provisions of the law that allow him broad authority,” he said. “Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act says the president can close the border entirely if he deems it to be in the country’s interest.”

“At first, he said he didn’t have the authority. Now he says he’s reluctant to use it,” Johnson continued. “If he would just do one executive order and reinstate Remain in Mexico, the Border Patrol, the people in charge, say it would reduce the flow by an estimated 70%.”

“Then I said, ‘Why won’t you do it?'” Johnson said. “He goes, ‘Mexico doesn’t want to do that.'”

“With respect, Mr. President, we’re the United States,” the speaker said. “They did it before. President Trump did that. Why can’t you do it?”

As for whether Biden’s performance bolstered Democrats’ confidence in his ability to lead the nation for another term, Johson said, “I think anybody can read a teleprompter, and I’m sure he practiced it a hundred times before he went to the floor, and he even mumbled through parts of it and skipped parts of it.”

“I think he’s a very weak president,” he said. “I think everybody in America knows it.”

“About 73% of the people in the latest poll, Americans, think the country is headed in the wrong direction,” he said.

“The state of the union is in decline,” Johnson stated. “Very sadly, it pains us to say so. But the decline in the economy and our sovereignty with the open border, the security of the streets and every country and, of course, our stature on the world stage.”

“We cannot have four more years of this,” he said. “We will lose the Republic.”

As for Biden’s spending and the economy, Johnson again dismissed the president’s victory laps.

“With 17.9% inflation and the highest household debt of all time —  $11,400– that’s the amount that the average American household is having to spend more just to make basic ends meet.”

“It doesn’t matter what he says,” Johnson said. “The facts are stubborn things.”

Melissa Fine


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