Spotify CEO announces company to invest $100 million in artists from ‘historically marginalized groups’

Spotify is throwing a bone to the woke left amid the ongoing controversy over podcaster Joe Rogan, promising to invest millions into artists from “historically marginalized groups.”

In an internal memo to staff, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said the streaming platform would not be “silencing” Rogan following meltdowns, boycotts and exits by the left in recent weeks. Despite declarations by geriatric singers like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell pulling their content over Rogan’s show, Spotify has not yet pulled the plug on the popular podcaster.

But Ek did bend the knee by announcing the company would be investing $100 million for “licensing, development, and marketing” of content from “historically marginalized groups.”

The latest move earned scornful backlash on Twitter where many called out the blatant capitulation.

“Woke capitalism strikes again!” political commentator and host Ben Shapiro tweeted.

“Bow to the far Left’s funding proposals so perhaps they’ll leave you alone and allow you to continue doing business with the top voice in podcasting,” he added. “Feeding the alligator ain’t gonna stop it.”

Other Twitter users noted how Ek’splan would ultimately be a losing battle on both sides.

Others had thoughts about the “marginalized groups” to be targeted in the new effort.

And others just expressed how the world has had enough.

Frieda Powers


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