‘Squad’ member beclowns herself with claim of ‘blatant misogynoir’ toward Kamala

U.S. Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.) owes everything she has gained in life to perpetual victimhood, so it makes sense that the former Black Lives Matter activist and faith healer would resort to cries of racism and misogyny in response to any criticism of Vice President Kamala Harris.

What you do not expect is for the second installment of the radical left Democratic “squad” to seemingly conflate the two words.

Bush was responding to longshot Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips telling The Atlantic that he has heard others say Harris is not right for the job as president.

“I hear from others who know her a lot better than I do that many think she’s not well positioned,” said Phillips in the interview published Tuesday. “She is not well prepared, doesn’t have the right disposition and the right competencies to execute that office.”

Taking to social media, Bush tweeted, “Black women are told all the time that we aren’t qualified to hold positions of power. This isn’t about policy differences. This is blatant misogynoir.”

According to the dictionary, the term misogynoir “shows how sexism and racism manifest in Black women’s lives to create intersecting forms of oppression.”

(You can thank DEI initiatives for that mouthful of Marxist-inspired left-wing drivel.)

Social media users were not buying what Bush was peddling… here’s a quick sampling of responses from X:

Tom Tillison


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