St. Louis bar & grill pummeled for ‘bigotry’ and hypocrisy after posting lengthy new dress code

A Missouri bar that had a reputation for scantily clad servers took heat on social media after their new dress code was viewed as “thinly veiled bigotry.”

“Are you supposed to hear dog whistles?”

Without consideration for the cause of the Social Bar and Grill in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis, Missouri posting some new house rules at the front door, Redditors were quick to accuse the owners of racism.

In a thread that earned hundreds of comments, one user wrote, “I eat lunch in Soulard at the social bar and grill occasionally. I like their burgers and the staff are always really nice. Today there was a giant sign listing the rules. Honestly it kinda put me off coming back.”

The dress code included no masks, no backpacks, no saggy pants, no hoodies, no sleeveless tanks tops for men and no overly revealing outfits. It also indicated there had been issues in the past of customers attempting to skip out on checks and snub their wait staff as the policy had detailed dining rules.

Furthermore, with an emphasis on “NO WEAPONS” at the top, the posting called out, “Guests who emit marijuana odors, vape indoors, or exhibit loud and disrespectful behavior will be asked to leave.”

Social Bar and Grill Rules
byu/5YOChemist inStLouis

“While we welcome EVERYONE and appreciate your business, we reserve the right to refuse service! Our House. Our Rules,” the sign concluded.

However, the Redditor didn’t feel welcomed and expressed, “Some of it is completely bullsh*t like no men’s bags or no hoodies.”

“It just seems really douchey and like it’s probably an excuse for racism from someone who thinks it’s the 90s and only black thugs wear hoodies. I doubt if a group of business men come in with their laptop bags and spend a grand on drinks and apps while closing a big deal they will get kicked out for breaking the dress code,” the post concluded, seemingly unaware of their own implication that only white men would be successful businessmen.

Rather than challenge the premise of the post, most appeared ready to generate an echo chamber blasting both the very idea of house rules and piling on to suggestions of veiled bigotry.

“If I have to read a whole page of rules to go in the restaurant, I’d just pick another restaurant,” commented one while someone else wrote, “It’s a thinly veiled ‘no LGBT allowed.'”

“Yeah, this would immediately tell me to leave,” another opined.

“Are you supposed to hear dog whistles? Because this one is loud as f*ck,” one user posted while someone else chimed in “‘no saggy pants’ ain’t hiding much intent here,” as they pointed out another local establishment had “a ‘no boots’ rule [that] was VERY selectively enforced.”

Others attempted to shame previous gimmicks run by the establishment where the staff would adorn themselves in body paint and little else with promotions like “Taco and Ta-tas…need we say more?”

“Love the body paint on our girls!? Find out how you can join in on the fun while dining at Social House.”

“No revealing outfits,” wrote one as another added, “From the place that used to have their female staff PAINT their torsos.”

“Can’t come in smelling like marijuana, but I bet your a** they will serve you drunk. Guests can’t dress in revealing clothes, but isn’t this the joint girls walk around naked with body paint? Makes sense,” commented one user.

In reporting on the outrage from the house rules, the Daily Mail indicated that it had reached out to the establishment but there had been no response to a request for comment.

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