‘Stay tuned’: House GOP leader shares fate of ex-FBI Twitter lawyer who secretly vetted ‘Twitter files’

The House Judiciary Committee under the incoming GOP majority could pursue legal action against former FBI and Twitter lawyer James Baker who was involved in the social media giant’s censoring of the explosive Hunter Biden laptop story.

With billionaire Elon Musk following through on his pledge of transparency at Twitter by releasing damning internal documents on the suppression of the story that could have potentially altered the course of history, Baker was busted for secretly vetting the first batch of the “Twitter files” without the knowledge of his new boss and was promptly fired on Tuesday.

“Stay tuned” were the words of a House Judiciary Committee spokesperson who responded to an email from Fox News Digital asking about possible legal actions that the committee may take against Baker.

“Twitter holds former FBI employees accountable for their actions. But the FBI doesn’t,” tweeted Rep. Jim Jordan, the current ranking member of the committee after Baker was “exited” from Twitter by Musk.

Baker, who in June 2020 was hired as Twitter’s deputy general counsel and in a position to quash information damaging to Joe Biden’s presidential hopes when the New York Post story on the “laptop from hell” was published weeks before the election, said in an email that was revealed by journalist Matt Taibbi that the company needed “more facts to assess whether the materials were hacked” and that “it’s reasonable for us to assume that they may have been and that caution is warranted.”

Rep. James Comer, who will be heading up the House Oversight Committee once the GOP officially takes control next month, sent a letter to Baker this week requesting his presence to answer questions at a full committee hearing.

“On October 14, 2020—the day the laptop story was published—Twitter took steps to severely limit users’ ability to share reporting by the New York Post that challenged Joe Biden’s assertion he had never participated in his family’s history of using his public office for financial gain,” the Kentucky Republican wrote. “According to new information released by Twitter, you played a key advisory role in the decision to censor the story—while ‘the Biden team’ directed Twitter to remove stories in the days leading up to the 2020 election.”

“Twitter’s decision was made without knowledge or approval of Twitter’s then-CEO Jack Dorsey and when another leader of the platform’s censorship team—Yoel Roth—believed the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story ‘didn’t reach a place where I was comfortable removing [the] content from Twitter,’” the letter reads. “You wrote in an email—after Twitter censored the laptop story—that ‘we need more facts to assess whether the materials were hacked’; you advised that the story should remain censored, nonetheless.”

A Comer spokesperson told Fox News Digital that the invitation to appear was a first step and that the new chairman is prepared to use other means to compel him to testify.

“We expect him to cooperate with the Oversight Committee’s request to appear at a public hearing,” the spokesperson said. “The committee is prepared to use any tools at its disposal to ensure his cooperation in order to provide transparency to the American people.”

Also receiving letters from the committee were former Twitter Trust and Safety head Yoel Roth who quit in November and chief censor Vijaya Gadde who was among the first to be fired after Musk took over the company.

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