Sunny Hostin slapped with reality checks when she debates co-hosts on weak Dem candidates

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” the topic was debates. After some analysis of the debate between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock, in which Sunny Hostin conceded that Warnock had “underperformed” while Walker “over-performed,” Alyssa Farah Griffin brought up the Arizona gubernatorial election between Katie Hobbs and Kari Lake.

She teed it off this way:

“I’m most interested in the debate that didn’t take place, which is the Arizona gubernatorial race. You have Kari Lake, a known election denier, up against Katie Hobbs, the Democrat.” It’s a liberal show – what did you expect, a balanced introduction?

“I get not wanting to elevate election deniers, but at the same time, Kari Lake is on the ballot. Katie Hobbs needs to debate her,” asserted Griffin.

Hobbs has been hiding behind the absurd contention that Lake “only wants a scenario where she can control the dialogue.” Of course, your opponent wants to control the dialogue! But, one might ask, why can’t you control the dialogue, Katie? Not a strong enough leader, even in a routinely left-leaning debate forum?

“A lot of Democrats are rightly saying ‘we’re concerned about the future of democracy,'” continued Griffin, “and yet many have put money behind…trying to boost election deniers, and then going on the other side, to not debate them. And that’s a huge problem.”

There is always a buzzword with these people, isn’t there? “Election deniers” is the Democrats’ leitmotif this year. It is how they hope to tie every GOP candidate to Trump, hoping it will paint them as extremists. “Known election denier Kari Lake.” It’s as summarily dismissive as it is condescending.

Known intelligence denier Sunny Hostin (we can do it, too) responded to Griffin with mindless talking points.

“I think it’s a problem, though, if you’re going to debate someone that is going to spread misinformation, lie…” said Hostin, who supports a great many liars.

In defense of Hobbs’s decision not to debate, Hostin said “Election denial is a different thing,” like a special category of evil. She must really dislike Stacey Abrams. (It’s okay, Sunny, everyone does.)

Ana Navarro restored the discourse by making an actual point.

“But that’s not why Katie Hobbs is not debating,” she reasoned. “Katie Hobbs is not debating Kari Lake, because Kari Lake was on TV for 22 years and is very good on TV. And Katie Hobbs seems not to be.”


The other ladies seemed frustrated that Hobbs has refused to take Lake to the woodshed, which they think she should be able to do.

In particular, Griffin took exception to Hobbs’s inability to answer basic questions on the economy, saying, “She has no business being governor if she can’t answer that.”

“I don’t know if she has no business being governor,” defended Goldberg before descending into a stream of absolute nonsense.

When Goldberg finally trailed off, Hostin had more penetrating analysis to offer.

“Even if you look at the Marjorie Taylor Greene debate…I mean, it was like a clown show,” said the clown. “I couldn’t believe it. And there was the denials going around and the lying…”

“I think the candidates owe the voters the respect of debating policy,” said Navarro, to the first applause of the segment.

Then they played a clip of Kari Lake saying she would debate Hobbs anywhere, which you can see in this tweet:

At the end of the clip, Lake says she would even debate Hobbs on “The View” and let Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg ask the questions.

Goldberg responded, “That would be your dream, wouldn’t it? I mean, hey! You know, we don’t turn people away.”

Hostin wanted to qualify that statement.

“Except if they’re election deniers, right?” she virtue signaled.

“Well, no, I don’t think we turn election deniers away, either, because as you said, people need to hear where people comin’ from,” said Goldberg.

Navarro seemed to agree: “We have Ted Cruz coming on next week.”

“I think he’s been careful enough,” Hostin said.

Navarro retorted, “I don’t. He’s been spreading the big lie. Let’s take him on.”

Goldberg agreed. “Yes, take him on, but…what tends to happen when [conservatives] come is they don’t come to talk to us, oftentimes. They come to sell a book. They don’t like to come to just talk to us.”

Ted Cruz must be a glutton for punishment.


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