GOP senator calls for Biden’s non-binary nuclear guru to be terminated following humiliating arrest

The weird drama of Biden administration official Sam Brinton, who was caught on video stealing luggage from an airport baggage carousel, has culminated in a high-ranking senator’s […]

Peter Doocy asks puzzled KJP when the White House will delete its Twitter account

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy put White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in the hot seat during Wednesday’s press briefing, asking her when the White […]

Whole Foods to end lobster sales over environmental concerns, alleged threat to endangered whales

The Maine lobster industry finds itself in the withering wake of the we. As a result of unrelenting environmental activism, Whole Foods, with 503 stores nationwide, has […]

Massive overnight rescue after small plane gets lodged in Maryland power lines

On Sunday evening in Montgomery County, Maryland, a small, single-engine plane carrying two people crashed into a power transmission tower and was suspended by live power s […]

Iran demands FIFA kick Team USA out of world cup after altered Iranian flag was posted on social media

Iran was triggered by micro-aggressions posted on by the American World Cup soccer team and demanded that the US be kicked out of tournament play. Was Iran […]

Woman who gave birth in McDonald’s bathroom gives her baby an appropriate nickname

A McDonald’s ivery was made to order early Wednesday morning when expectant mother Alandria Worthy stopped to use a restroom on her way to an Atlanta-area hospital. […]

Daylight savings time is racist? CNN opens itself up to mockery

The mainstream media has had a perennial reputation of addressing any subject and making the claim that people of color are the “hardest hit.” CNN has consistently […]

Trump offers a different description of meeting with Kanye at Mar-a-Lago – and his unexpected guest

It may be that neither Israel nor Jewish people were directly discussed during a recent meeting between former President Donald Trump and Kanye West (‘Ye’), but the […]

Tucker puts Buttigieg on blast for lying about being gay after insincere lecture from his bully pulpit

Fox News’s Tucker Carlson, reacting to news that “anti-trans” Colorado shooter Anderson Lee Aldrich identifies as non-binary, jumped all over Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg for his […]

CNBC releases report on how great things will be if utility companies control your appliances

The Left fantasizes about clean energy and CNBC seems particularly obsessed with the subject, frustrated that the U.S. struggles to modernize the grid. On Monday, the news […]

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