Suspected transgender assailant seen running over man TWICE, then stabbing him 9 times after a kiss

Graphic footage captured the moment a transgenderist reportedly offered a kiss to a victim after allegedly finishing off the man he was said to have twice run over.

(Video: ABC13)

On the evening of May 3, 64-year-old Houston, Texas resident Steven Anderson could be seen walking on Woodridge Square Drive in surveillance footage taken from a nearby home’s security system. It was as he was headed to collect his mail, according to ABC13, that the video obtained by the outlet showed the horrific moment a car sped directly toward the victim.

Later said to be 20-year-old suspect Karon Fisher, the video, edited for content by ABC13, showed the vehicle backing toward Anderson to run over him again before the man dressed in a bra and shorts would return on foot.

It was then, as witnesses who had reached out to the police stood by after a local had grabbed pillows to attempt to provide some aid to victim, that the suspect casually walked over to Anderson holding a knife, forcibly rolled him over, straddled his body and was said to have kissed him before proceeding to stab the victim nine times.

Court records referred to the suspected member of the alphabet community as a man despite corporate media and the Houston Police Department choosing to identify the suspect as a woman. A statement from law enforcement detailed, “Officers responded to a call for service for an individual who failed to stop and render aid to another person outside a residence at the above address. Officers learned the victim was found unresponsive in the driveway. He had suffered multiple stab wounds and was pronounced deceased.”

“Witnesses provided officers with information on the whereabouts of the suspect at a nearby location,” the police continued. “Fisher was detained and questioned by detectives. She was subsequently charged and taken to the Harris County Jail.”

Prior to his arrest, the suspect had been seen attempting to get in another vehicle before leaving the scene on foot after jumping over the victim’s body.

Reacting to the slaying of Anderson, a witness recounted to ABC13, “It’s very disturbing ’cause I have kids here. Kids could have been out here playing and imagine that.”

One local told the outlet, “Broad daylight…it was a busy intersection. Right under our noses, you know.”

Still, another expressed that she hadn’t returned to work since witnessing the heinous act and that she was attempting to secure the services of a therapist.

Along with the charges related to the victim, Fisher was said to have been charged with assaulting a hospital nurse that night and was reportedly under five-year term of supervision over a 2023 charge for evading arrest.

Additionally, ABC13 noted that the man had been charged in 2021 with prostitution, but that the case had been dismissed. While Fisher awaited a May 24 court appearance, social media users reacted to the latest example of suspected mental instability loose among the public with contempt.

Kevin Haggerty


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