Tapper defends Biden over GOP governor’s ‘lawfare’ accusation, lays out Dems’ case in hush money trial

An argument on allegations left CNN’s Jake Tapper dismissing a GOP governor’s claim about the cases brought against former President Donald Trump in favor of Democratic talking points.

(Video: CNN)

Much like concerns pertaining to possible election interference, COVID shots, or alleged influence-peddling committed by the Biden family, corporate media talking heads fancied themselves the arbiters of what should or should not be considered credible evidence.

So it was on the latest installment of CNN’s “State of the Union” when Tapper challenged North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum (R) over the notion that the 88 charges brought against Trump across his varied indictments were “lawfare.”

“There’s no evidence that Joe Biden has anything to do with this case from — brought forward by District Attorney Bragg, and you keep describing it as a filing error. I guess that’s one interpretation,” argued the host. “Another interpretation is that Donald Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, paid hush money for — to hide from the American people before the election the fact that Mr. Trump had had a rendezvous with a porn star, and that they wanted to hide that from the American people until after the election.”

Leading up to his defense of the case against Trump regarding the New York criminal trial, where he’d referenced the alleged extramarital affair between the businessman and adult film star Stormy Daniels as fact, Tapper had asked Burgum, whom he’d introduced as a potential running mate, about what a conviction would mean for the governor’s support of the GOP leader.

“According to polling, a plurality of the American people think that President Trump did commit a crime when it comes to this case,” the host said without stipulating the poll referenced, the other choices provided or the margin by which it beat out the other options, “and if you add in those who think it was unethical, but not illegal, it’s a vast majority.”

“Let me just ask you, if Donald Trump becomes a convicted felon because of this case, will that affect your support for him for president?” asked Tapper.

Instead of supporting the premise, Burgum indicated a conviction would be “a travesty of justice” regarding the allegedly falsified business records before arguing, “the only reason this trial is happening right now, it’s the one that could actually be brought forward.”

“The other four couldn’t be brought, the other three of the four couldn’t be brought forward before the election. So, this one is largely intended to try to achieve a result before the election,” he went on suggesting an attempt to appeal would get stalled until after election day.

In the same way that talking heads had claimed concerns over the 2020 election were unfounded because of court decisions, disregarding the fact that a majority of the cases brought forward were never heard, Tapper’s court of public opinion decided the political motivations were not with Biden’s camp, but Trump’s as he said, “So far the evidence I’ve seen suggests there at least was some political motivation to this and they hid it so as to hide that from the public.”

“That’s a little bit more than just checking the wrong box on a form. But let’s move on,” the host concluded on the point to shift toward suggesting Biden’s student debt erasure scheme was no different than tax cuts as far as efforts to sway votes were concerned.

Kevin Haggerty


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