Tapper: Sure, Biden payments may have been ‘sleazy’ but that’s just how Washington works

CNN anchor Jake Tapper admitted that Biden family money revelations were “sleazy” but dismissed them out of hand because he claimed they didn’t do anything criminal and that’s just the way DC works.

(Video Credit: CNN)

Despite records produced by House Republicans that show millions of dollars from foreign entities being funneled to the Bidens, Tapper just can’t seem to see any evidence of wrongdoing just like the rest of the Democrats. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) was not amused.

Comer’s investigation into President Biden’s involvement in receiving over $20 million that was allegedly wired to various members of his family is still heating up. Further evidence of then-Vice President Biden having dinner with numerous business associates of Hunter Biden’s was revealed this week.

Tapper evidently had his attack plan laid out before the interview with Comer, taking aim at the latest memo to be released by House Republicans showing banking records for the Bidens that reportedly implicate the president in pay-for-play influence peddling.

“So let’s pause it for the sake of argument that Hunter Biden is sleazy and the president’s relatives tried to profit off the Biden family brand, something CNN has reported on, what’s new in this memo?” Tapper sneered.

Comer cited testimony from Hunter Biden’s former longtime friend and business partner Devon Archer. Archer testified that President Biden was put on speakerphone with the first son’s business associates at least 20 times despite Biden’s claim that never happened.

He also discussed the shady foreign business partners that were mentioned in the latest House Oversight memo.

Unbelievably, Tapper doesn’t see anything that Biden could have possibly done wrong. No corruption here, move along.

“Well, you definitely have made a case that the people who are around President Biden in terms of the lobbyists and his son Hunter have trafficked on that connection to the then-vice president now president, but I haven’t yet seen any evidence that the president did anything wrong,” Tapper unabashedly told Comer.

Incredibly, Tapper used Archer’s words to justify the sleazy business dealings involving the Bidens as “how the world works.”

“Again, just looking for evidence because we’re talking about impeachment here, I don’t see any evidence of any crime. And, frankly, that is how the world works in Washington, DC,” Tapper asserted.

“And if you guys are gonna launch an effort to try to reform Washington so people who are powerful can’t have their wives and children and husbands and others traffic on that relationship, you know, I’ll be first in line to help you out. But it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to do that. It seems like you’re trying to just go after President Biden,” he stated.

Comer rapped Tapper over that telling him Republicans are trying to stop influence peddling.

Certainly there’s sleaze, there’s sleaze there. I’m saying what did the president do wrong?” Tapper outrageously asked Comer.

“Well remember, when we started this investigation at the end of January, that’s when I got subpoena power the last week in January, the narrative was the laptop was Russian disinformation. Joe Biden’s family never received money from China, Joe Biden’s family never received any of this money while he was vice president and Joe Biden never communicated with any of the people that sent his family this money,” Comer noted.

“All four of those things had been proven false. So our investigations already turned up a lot of information. Now, I think, even though there may not be any curiosity by my friends at CNN, I think there’s curiosity by the majority of Americans who-” he further responded.

Tapper couldn’t wait to interrupt, doing his level best to double down on there being no evidence to prove Biden guilty.

“I’m very curious about it, sir. I’m very curious about it,” Tapper interjected. “That’s why I’m reading your reports. That’s why I’m having you on the show. I just haven’t seen it- Look, the memo insists that even though there’s no evidence Biden personally took the money, it doesn’t get him off the hook. It calls the argument, quote, ‘a hollow claim no other American would be afforded if their family members accepted foreign payments or bribes,’ unquote. Okay, fair enough,” the CNN lackey told Comer.

Tapper naturally turned to attacking former President Trump and his family, quoting Republican Chris Christie, calling them “grifters.” Comer pointed out that it was not even close to being the same thing.

“Days after [then-Vice President Biden] left Romania, his family started receiving wires from a corrupt Romanian-born national days- four days after he left, including his granddaughter. What’s his granddaughter doing getting a wire from a Romanian foreign national?” Comer asked.

“This is why we’re investigating and it’s difficult, Jake. It’s very difficult. The Biden attorneys are obstructing, they’re intimidating witnesses, the DOJ will not cooperate with us, the FBI will not cooperate with us, the IRS will not cooperate with us. Thank God we had whistleblowers from the IRS testified to our committee that they were told to stand down by the DOJ,” the conservative stated, showing no fear in the leftist lion’s den.

“Remember there’s a text message from Hunter Biden to his daughter complaining that he had to give his father half his salary. So we’ve gone through a lot of bank records. We haven’t gone through all the bank records,” Comer recounted.

“But look, we’ve called Joe Biden in several lies, including that he never spoke with any of these corrupt people from these foreign countries that send his family money. He had dinner with some of them we found in this… so there’s, I think, more than enough evidence to show that Joe Biden hasn’t been truthful with the American people. And you know, he has knowledge that his family was money laundering. He had to. You think that the Treasury-” he continued before being interrupted yet again by Tapper.

“Look, if there’s evidence of money laundering, which is a crime, which is a federal crime, then obviously your committee should report it to the FBI and the Justice Department,” Tapper interjected.

“That’s one of the reasons why the Delaware judge rejected the sweetheart plea deal,” Comer informed the leftist host. “It’s clearly violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act and money laundering.”

At the end of the interview, Tapper was exceedingly rude telling Comer, “Come back when you got more to talk about.”

During the whole insulting affair, CNN’s chyron read “House Republicans accuse Biden of corruption but latest memo presents no direct evidence.”

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