Target offers robot nail manicures: ‘It takes 10 minutes and you don’t have to tip’

As prices rise across the nation, beauty lovers are looking for more affordable alternatives to their standard self-care routines.

Those looking for a manicure that doesn’t require tipping their nail tech are in luck: Robot manicurists are here to help. While the robots themselves aren’t new, they’re benefitting from renewed momentum as women seek cheaper ways to maintain their beauty regimens.

Videos show how fast and easy it is to get your nails painted by a robot.

One of the more famous machines, the Clockwork manicure bot, can do an entire set for under $10 and the results have received rave reviews by those using them.

Clockwork originally launched in 2021, providing affordable manicures at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company itself has 10 locations across the nation but you can also find the machines in six Target stores, so you can get your nails painted before or after you shop.

10Beauty co-founder Alex Shashou discussed exactly how the process of removing old paint, shaping nails, and applying several coats of new paint was translated into a robotic process.

“Nail technicians work intuitively and based on their experiences,” he said. “We translated all of that into numbers, so we can identify the optimal amount of paint to put on the brush and paint to 0.2 millimeters of the nail’s edge.”

But while this robot might be celebrated as the future by fans of its work, others are less than pleased that another job is seemingly being automated.

Sierra Marlee


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