Tarlov goes off on Judge Jeanine in heated exchange on ‘The Five’

Things got testy on Tuesday’s edition of “The Five” on Fox News when co-host Jessica Tarlov steered the conversation off course from the hostages being held in Gaza by the Hamas terror organization to more mindless cheerleading for President Joe Biden.

The temporary ceasefire between Israel and Hamas has seen the release of some of the hostages who were kidnapped during the murderous sneak attack on the Jewish nation last month but Biden has been criticized over the lack of American captives who have been freed so far.

While discussing the situation in Gaza as it relates to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the show’s house liberal injected talking points favorable to a leader much closer to her heart.

(Video: Fox News)

“It’s incomprehensible to me to blame Joe Biden for this,” Tarlov said, seeming to blame Netanyahu for the slaughter of over 1,300 Israelis in the October 7 terrorist attack on civilian areas that shocked the world and led to Israel’s military response in Gaza.

“So Joe Biden, his standing on the world stage in terms of what world leaders think of him is up, what people in other countries think is up, and I think it’s dereliction of duty, this narrative that’s going on in the media and certainly in the liberal media where they just want to crap on him,” she said, putting her spin on Biden’s recent polling numbers.

“If you look at the Morning Consult poll, the first poll since the ceasefire began came out, first major poll, Biden’s up four points and is now up one over Trump,” she continued. “There was a YouGov poll that came out last week that had Biden up over Trump. The New York Times/Siena poll, which we gave its due, and we talked about the fact that Biden was down and he was losing the swing states in the crosstabs.”

“And The New York Times didn’t even cover this part of it,” Tarlov added, spinning the disastrous poll for Biden. “The crosstabs revealed that if Trump is convicted of anything and he has 91 counts that he’s facing, he loses by 10 points and he loses every single swing state…”

Judge Jeanine Pirro jumped in, “What’s that got to do with, ‘What would you do to negotiate to get the hostages out?'”

“We’re not talking about Donald Trump,” Pirro emphasized over her co-host’s protests.

Jesse Watters tried to get a word in: “Two points in the real…” he said, holding up his cellphone.

“In the average… but my point is…,” protested Tarlov.

Pirro shot back, “But that’s not the topic. That’s not the topic,” scolding the panel’s Democrat cheerleader for hijacking the discussion.

Tarlov whined, “You always say that is not the topic when…” drawing a response from Pirro that she goes off topic as the two verbally jousted in an exchange that raised the temperature on the set.

“Because you go off-topic,” Pirro said.

“Let’s not talk about who goes off-topic here,” Tarlov snapped. “But it is relevant because you start off by saying this guy is a moron. A hot war here, and a cold war there, and the border’s open, and whatever. So, I’m talking about what’s going on on the…”

“Donald Trump!” Pirro shot back and after crosstalk accused the judge of not knowing what she was talking about.

Pirro soon grew tired of the nonsense and ended the contentious segment by changing the topic.

Chris Donaldson


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