Writer pegged as ‘unapologetic racist’ for accusing child of wearing blackface

The great conundrum that’s never addressed in this country is that if racism is so rampant in America why do the race hustlers on the left have to keep fabricating such claims out of thin air — or in the case of Jussie Smollet, ice-cold -16 degree air.

The latest example of outrageous fabrications being pushed involves a white child attending an NFL game being accused of wearing blackface to a game. What’s more, the perpetrator doubled down on his efforts.

Carron Phillips, a black writer at Deadspin, penned an article on the child titled “The NFL needs to speak out against the Kansas City Chiefs fan in Black face, Native headdress.” The boy was photographed from one side of his face, which was blacked out, while wearing the headdress associated with a Native American chief.

“It takes a lot to disrespect two groups of people at once. But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time,” Phillips wrote.

The article included the tweet below:

X’s Community Notes lets the cat of the bag, so to speak, by fact-checking the tweet: “This Kansas City Chiefs fan is not wearing blackface. The other side of his face is painted red, and it’s to show the team colors for the Chiefs.”

Outkick’s Bobby Burack shared a more relevant photo of the young fan, explaining that Phillips and Deadspin “tried to ruin this kid’s life.”

Yet, Phillips responded to the controversy by not only standing by his shameless actions, but by bringing Mexicans into the fray — he would later delete the tweet.

“For the idiots in my mentions who are treating this as some harmless act because the other side of his face was painted red, I could make the argument that it makes it even worse. Y’all are the ones who hate Mexicans but wear sombreros on Cinco.”

An even more remarkable factor here is that there are reports that the child is actually Native American himself:

Phillips betrayed the real agenda at play when he wrote, “There’s no place for a franchise to be called the ‘Chiefs’ in a league that’s already eradicated ‘Redskins.'”

But the continued use of racism to divide America and push a left-wing political agenda is reaching critical stages and it’s growing old in a hurry.

Elon Musk put it all into proper perspective while responding to a tweet from the End Wokeness account exposing Phillips for what he is, a left-wing race hustler: “Carron Phillips is an unapologetic racist and a deceiver. Shame on him.”

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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