Terrifying moment suspect opens fire on LA man’s doorstep captured on Ring video

Home surveillance video footage captured an apparent targeted hit against a man at his Los Angeles area home, brazenly taking place in broad daylight as suspects cased the residence, forcing the man to drive off to protect his two children inside.

(Video Credit: KTLA 5)

The shooter hopped out of a car that was parked outside the home wearing black and brandishing a gun with a silencer attached. The father saw the man getting out of the car and took off to protect his children. The suspect ran after the car shooting at it. One bullet evidently hit the back of the car. Another hit a tree and a third hit another home. No one was hurt during the incident, according to the Daily Mail.

The shooting happened in the driveway of an upscale home in the Northridge area on Friday in the early evening. After it took place, one of the unidentified man’s sons ran into the driveway wondering what had just happened.

The father’s Ring doorbell camera caught the entire terrifying altercation on video.

The attempted ambush took place around 6:30 pm right after the man spotted a suspicious-looking vehicle sitting outside his home. The homeowner was just pulling into his circular driveway when the shooting went down. If he hadn’t been paying attention, he could have been murdered as he got out of his car or the shooter could have entered the home and killed the man and his family.

“I noticed a suspicious vehicle parked in front of our neighbor’s house, parked pretty far away from the curb, so it was very unusual to see a vehicle parked that way,” he told police officers.

The homeowner asked the media not to identify him for his and his family’s safety.

“A gentleman jumped out from the backseat wearing a hoodie and a bandana,” the victim told KTLA in an interview.

“I just saw him lift up and point a black handgun with a long silencer in the front. So I closed my door right away and hit the gas and jumped the curb,” he recounted.

“One of the bullets hit the back of my car, the second hit the tree in front of my house, the third hit the neighbor’s upstairs bedroom window,” the victim stated.

The man has no idea why he was obviously targeted in an attempted hit.

“The way they were casing out the house, the way they pulled up, the way they got out of the car,” he commented concerning the incident.

“They attempted to shoot at me as I was driving away and then they attempted to follow me. Thank God I was able to drive fast and get away and contact the police,” he added.

The father and the police are both asking anyone with information on the shooting to come forward. The family is understandably terrified over it and all of them are still in danger as long as the suspects go unapprehended.

“Obviously, naturally, my kids are terrified that they had to witness this. My wife, she’s very distraught. It’s a very unsafe situation,” the man told the news outlet. “It’s a very unnerving situation.”

A description of the gunman states that he is a black male who is approximately 5 feet 10 inches. The suspect weighs about 180 pounds and was wearing a black mask and black clothing.

Police stated that the weapon used was a semi-automatic handgun and the vehicle was a light-brown Kia sedan. An investigation is ongoing.

The man is offering a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects.

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