Texas AG warns Biden can’t win without illegal voting

Texas Attorney Ken Paxton said out loud what many Americans seem to already understand, which is that President Joe Biden cannot win in November without election shenanigans.

Appearing on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo, Paxton was asked about a flier that was reported on by the Heritage Foundation that was said to be found in portable toilets near the Resource Center Matamoros, a migrant aid group in the Mexican border city across from Brownsville, Texas.

Written in Spanish, the fliers were reportedly stamped with the center’s logo and included this message to would-be illegal immigrants: “Reminder to vote for President Biden when you are in the United States. We need four more years of his administration in order to remain open.”

“There is a memo that’s been going around at the border,” Bartiromo said. “It’s in Spanish, okay? I want to — I want to show you this memo, because at the bottom of the memo it says, ‘Don’t forget,’ in Spanish, ‘Don’t forget to vote for Joe Biden. We need another four years of him.’ This flier, the woman’s name on the flier is Gabriela Zavala, but she says she was shocked to see the memo because she didn’t write the memo.”

She continued, “What can you tell us about this memo? Because she says she didn’t write the memo, and yet there’s a memo at the border which the illegals are reading in Spanish and it says, ‘Go vote Joe Biden.’ What is this memo all about?”

“Look, the memo speaks for itself. There’s no doubt that this is the plan. It’s to encourage these illegals to vote,” Paxton said. “They give them phones, they connect them to Social Security numbers, they connect them to voting in these states, and their job really is to come here and vote.”

The attorney general proceeded to suggest that the illegal immigrants are being strategically placed — which would certainly explain all the migrant flights reported on — before charging that an 81-year-old geriatric Biden cannot win “without the illegal voting.”

“And they’re putting them in the right places, the right states. We don’t know where they’re putting the illegals, but I guarantee you it’s in the crucial states.,” he said. “Joe Biden can’t win this election without the illegal voting. This is the biggest threat to our democracy, our republic, that I think we’ve seen since who knows when.”

The pro-Biden media was quick to dispel the flier as a fugazi, with the New York Times reporting that the center’s founder, Gaby Zavala, denied any involvement. The Times cited “two provocateurs building an online following with hidden camera exposés and ambushes” who were at the facility, reporting that Zavala said they were “part of a plot to propel false, anti-immigration narratives in an election year.”

(The “provocateurs” were brothers Anthony and Joshua Rubin, of Muckrakers fame.)

Tom Tillison


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