Texas mom charged after spiking son’s school drink with unsavory contents to ‘prank’ alleged bully

A Texas mother has found surprising support online after she was arrested for reportedly trying to teach a lesson to her son’s classmate that landed the child in the hospital.

Jennifer Lynn Rossi’s 10-year-old son reportedly complained that another child in his class had stolen his drink so the 45-year-old mother “had an idea to prank” the classmate at Legacy Traditional School Alamo Ranch, according to police. Rossi reportedly mixed lemon, salt, and vinegar into her son’s beverage so the 11-year-old bullying student would drink it.

“Upon arriving to the school, deputies learned that the sick child was given a drink by a classmate during P.E. class. The drink provided was found to contain a mixture of lemon, salt and vinegar inside a sports drink bottle,” according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

“Shortly after the child consumed the drink, he began experiencing nausea and a headache,” the Sheriff’s Office added.

“Through the course of the investigation, it was learned that the mother of the student who provided the drink, intentionally mixed the contents of the drink to allegedly prevent her son’s drink from being stolen at school by other students,” the report continued.

“Although, the contents of the drink were non-toxic, the incident resulted in a child being hospitalized. Hospital staff informed the investigator that the child victim required additional medical monitoring and would eventually be discharged from the hospital,” the Sheriff’s Office reported.

Rossi posted bond after being arrested Tuesday and charged with Injury to a Child. Her son was also disciplined at school, according to officials, KENS 5 reported.

While no one would dispute the seriousness of a child being taken to the hospital over an incident at school, many social media users seemed critical of Rossi’s arrest.

“Way to keep the streets safe guys! I know this is top priority right now in San Antonio,” one Facebook user commented on the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office post.

“How is this news?” asked another.

“With the amount of crime Bexar County has, it’s embarrassing that y’all would even post this,” another user complained.

Many users on X  expressed similar reactions, though some did call out the mother’s actions.

Frieda Powers


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