Texas teacher accused of recruiting STUDENTS for prostitution allowed to remain in classroom, local leader claims

It’s a story almost too horrifying to comprehend.

On Monday, Harris County, Texas, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez announced on X that his “Criminal Investigations & Security Division corroborated with [Klein ISD Police] in arresting Klein ISD [Independent School District] teacher, Kedria M. Grigsby … for allegedly trafficking of a child (3 counts) and compelling prostitution of juveniles (3 counts).”

“The three victims, ages 15, 16, and 17 were students and reported runaways,” the statement continued. “We believe Grigsby assisted her son, Roger Magee … who was arrested 11-2022 for the Trafficking of Children and Compelling Prostitution.”

“Magee remains in jail,” according to the sheriff. “It appears Grigsby recruited troubled juveniles from local high schools by offering them a place to stay, which would be a hotel. [Additional] teen victims have come forward stating that Grigsby was also attempting to recruit them while attending school. The HCSO Human Trafficking Unit will conduct a follow-up investigation with the [additional] victims.

Grigsby, a cosmetology teacher, “has been booked in the Harris County Jail,” the sheriff said.

On Wednesday, what was already unimaginable got a whole lot worse.

According to activist Quanell X, leader of the New Black Panther Nation in Houston, Texas, Grigsby “was allowed to remain” on the Klein Cain High School campus after her heinous acts were “brought to the school administrators’ attention.”

“This teacher, Ms. Grigsby, was allowed to remain on this campus after it was brought to school administrators’ attention that this was taking place in February of ’23,” Quanell X said during a press conference. “This was brought to their attention, but these same administrators, instead of thoroughly investigating the complaint, they retaliated against the teacher who brought it to their attention.”

“This is one of the most horrendous stories we have ever had to deal with in my history as an activist,” he told reporters.

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“We’re talking about a teacher, a trusted servant teacher, on a high school campus recruiting prostitutes from her students to work for her son as their pimp,” Quanell X stated.

The activist said that when he spoke to Klein ISD, they “swore for God that they did not know” of Grigsby’s activities prior to her arrest.

“I say to Klein Cain administrators, you a damn liar,” Quanell X said. “We got the proof.”

He produced “a sworn statement by the teacher that named Miss Grigsby” from February ’23.

The teacher’s daughter “was one of the victims,” according to Quanell X.

“She came the next day and informed the school of what was happening in detail,” he said, including Grigsby’s name and “the young man that was involved.”

A statement was taken by the school district “in the office with the principal and a district representative,” he said.

“And now you lying snakes want to tell the public that you have no idea about Miss Grigsby,” Quanell X fumed. “Oh no, that’s a lie. We got it right here. We got text messages where she’s texting back and forth with school administrators talking about what she brought to their attention.”

“But yet they did nothing,” he stated. “The principal should be terminated.”

“This Should Make You Furious,” the popular Wall Street Apes account wrote on X.

“It’s absolutely disgusting this keeps happening in America. The predators are always protected,” the account wrote. “Why Does This Keep Happening In America?”



Melissa Fine


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