‘That’s disgusting!’ Mom confronts sex offender who allegedly recorded underage daughter in Target

A confrontation over a man allegedly filming a teen girl at a Target led to a telling revelation about his identity.

“That’s disgusting.”

(Video: WTVG)

Wednesday at a Target store in Rossford, Ohio, Monica Geisel and her 16-year-old daughter learned there was little recourse after they were said to have had a run-in with a convicted sex offender. Video taken by the girl and published on social media showed as the enraged mother confronted the man alleged to have recorded her child to no avail.

“You took a video. Show it to me,” Geisel could at once be heard saying and, “That’s my daughter; take it off your phone.”

“That’s disgusting,” she said at another point peering at the contents of the device, reported by WTVG to have belonged to 40-year-old Charles Broc Mullholand, a Tier II Sex Offender registered in the state of Ohio.

“You take one more video of an underage girl…back the f*ck off,” Geisel was heard at another point as the man could be seen attempting to get by her. As the daughter continued to film the interaction that carried on toward the store entrance, the mother could be heard loudly explaining to anyone within earshot, “…this guy’s taking videos of underage girls at Target.”

Speaking with WTVG, Geisel explained, “I see a ton of videos of other people on there, other girls on there, and so that’s when I try to grab his phone and he instantly, you know, like, pushed my arm and like took it, and that’s when he started walking away. It’s not that he was just recording people, he’s recording her inappropriately, and he’s zooming in on body parts of her.”

Unfortunately, as it was explained by officer’s from the Rossford Police Department, even as a registered sex offender, there had been no explicit violation of Ohio law.

“I obviously understand your concern as a parent of an underage…” one officer could be heard telling the mother in released bodycam footage where he verified that the girl had not been touched by the man.

As Rossford Police Chief Todd Kitzler explained to the outlet, “There’s definitely some concerns there, but unfortunately, that individual wasn’t breaking any laws at the time, and it puts in kind of a bad spot because we know that there’s probably some ill intent, but there’s nothing that we can do about it lawfully.”

That said, officer’s promised to locate the man and question him about his behavior as seen in additional bodycam footage after the suspect was pulled over for a traffic violation. By his account, the man convicted in 2017 for “Pandering Sexually Oriented Matter involving minor Sexual Motivation” and “Illegal Use of Minor in Nudity Oriented Material Sexual Motivation,” had merely been recognized by the mother and he claimed that he was victimized for it.

“Went in there for a minute. A lady recognized me and she was not happy to see me, so,” he told police who let him off with a warning after one officer challenged the man over signing out of his Apple account in front of them.

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