‘The Five’ rips Biden for being too meek to confront President Xi on Covid, fentanyl explosion

President Joe Biden dropped the ball on fentanyl and the origins of COVID-19 during his first sit-down with Chinese President Xi Jinping since his election, conservative news hosts said, citing the president’s topic selections as proof that he’s in China’s pocket.

“While Biden is rubbing elbows overseas, here is why he should be pressing China on fentanyl,” Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said. “This weekend, cops busted a New York City man with 20,000 pills. Hours later, he was released without bail, probably went on to do volunteer work. Who knows where he went? So what do you think, did Joe blow it?”

Fox News “The Five” panel ripped Biden for leaving out Americans’ most burning questions, the origin of COVID-19 and the unending supply of fentanyl, instead focusing on climate change in a kumbaya moment with the communist leader.

“The history books might go ‘that was smart,’ because he’s trying to calm things down, make sure they don’t have any miscommunications and end up in a war or something like that,” co-host Dana Perino said. “I remember in 2020 when he ran for election, he said he would be the one to hold China more accountable than Trump would.”

The hosts were dumbfounded that Biden didn’t immediately tell the American people that he grilled the Chinese president on the origins of COVID.

“Biden has not seen Xi since he became president, this was their first face-to-face meeting and I understand that there are a lot of issues but — the issue that killed millions of Americans, lost a generation of kids, cost them their education, their futures, their jobs, their livelihoods, and that’s not the first thing you say at your press conference to America?” Perino asked. “After the meeting — I hope it came up, because China unleashed a global pandemic on the world, and nobody has held them accountable. I think that today, that was a disappointment.”

Considering Biden’s son Hunter’s very public drug addiction history, the panel was even more surprised and disappointed that fentanyl wasn’t a top priority for the world leaders’ discussion.

“And then you add to the people that are not being killed by Covid, being killed by pills. They are young people, a lot of them are healthy — 120,000 people — and I guess you could appeal to Joe by saying that ‘these could be your voters’ then maybe he might care,” Gutfeld said.

“What about his son?” co-host Jesse Waters responded. “His son has a drug addiction, so he should take this more seriously. During the campaign, he said Xi was a thug who ran concentration camps, and he was not afraid to send b-52 bombers over there to send a message. Now he’s Mr. Softy with ice cream, ‘let’s talk about climate change.'”

Former President Donald Trump was hounded about his alleged ties to Russia, accused of tempering his responses to Vladimir Putin because the dictator had “dirt” on him, the hosts said.

“Why don’t we ever hear about maybe the fact that the Chinese have dirt on Joe Biden, if that’s affecting his policies,” Waters asked. “Do you remember the amount of pressure Donald Trump was under to constantly confront Vladimir Putin to his face?”

“And there was no pressure, except maybe from this show, for the president of the United States to confront Xi on all of these deaths. If you add up Covid and fentanyl, you are talking over million American deaths. To say that a police state, a surveillance state, has no clue who is sending synthetics to North America for making the pills — come on!” Waters contended.

While co-host Jessica Tarlov said the meeting wasn’t a complete bust, Biden did talk about human rights abuses in Tibet and semi-conductor sanctions, the rest of the panel was unimpressed with the President’s performance.

“The candidate that does figure out fentanyl is going to be the nominee,” Gutfeld said. “I don’t know which party it is but somebody’s got to talk about it. It’s 100,000 plus dying every year.”


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