‘The town of Rolling Stone will be back’: Biden flubs name of Mississippi town hit by deadly tornado

President Joe Biden tripped over his own tongue with yet another embarrassing verbal miscue, mixing up the name of the Mississippi town that was destroyed by deadly tornadoes with the name of a certain iconic British rock and roll band, a classic Bob Dylan song and a left-wing propaganda rag, in another addition to the octogenarian’s highlight reel of gaffes.

On Friday, Biden traveled to Rolling Fork, a site that experienced the terrifying force of nature’s fury as powerful storms ripped through the area last weekend, including a massive tornado that laid waste to the town, flattening homes, tossing around vehicles like toys and killing over two dozen people in the region. And while speaking to survivors of the fearsome twister, the geriatric career politician flubbed his lines, referring to the town as “Rolling Stone.”

“We’re not just here for today, I’m determined that we’re going to leave nothing behind. We’re going to get it done for you,” Biden said while delivering his speech. “I’m making sure you got a place to sleep, food to eat, helping you rebuild your lives in Rolling Stone.”

Not only did he fumble the devastated town’s name once, but he repeated his blunder again during his speech, “The town of Rolling Stone will be back, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.”

To his credit, Biden eventually caught his mistake, realized that he goofed, and tried to joke about it “What did I say, I said Rolling Fork,” he said. “Rolling Stone. I got my mind going here.”

The verbal – and perhaps mental – stumble didn’t go unnoticed and Twitter users unleashed a gale-force wind of ridicule on the befuddled Biden.

During his trip to survey the damage before flying off to Delaware, the POTUS pledged that the federal government will “cover the total cost of the state’s emergency measures for the next 30 days, including overtime for first responders and debris cleanup. In addition, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will open disaster recovery centers in storm-ravaged counties to help residents access resources,” the Associated Press reported.

Chris Donaldson


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