‘The View’ harpies give Biden advance cover for ducking debates with Trump

If President Joe Biden’s handlers can somehow navigate the minefield of the next six months without him publicly imploding, the last thing that they want to risk is him debating Donald J. Trump on national television.

With the 2024 election matchup all but set in stone, Biden’s allies are already giving the mentally disintegrating geriatric advance cover for ducking out on a head-to-head matchup against the presumptive GOP nominee, who is only a few years younger than Biden but still sharper than a knife and at the top of his game.

On Thursday’s edition of “The View” the leftist harpies pre-excused their dear leader from chickening out on the traditional presidential debates and robbing the American people of a critical late chance to assess who is best qualified to hold the most powerful office on the planet.

Biden-loving ringleader Joy Behar led the squawking that the incumbent shouldn’t have to “lower himself” to debating Trump, fearing that the matchup would only “legitimize” him in the eyes of voters.

“Why does Joe Biden have to lower himself to even be on the same stage with this criminal, this 91 times indicted, sexual harasser, accused sexual assaulter, Why? Why?” Behar raved as the fans in the seats erupted with applause.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the show’s token conservative, argued that Biden has to show up or he’ll be ridiculed by Trump, her former boss.

“I called it,” she said. “I said that Trump’s gonna come out first and say I want to debate anytime, anyplace because the politics of it are smart. If Joe Biden doesn’t show up, Donald Trump is gonna run with ‘he’s not up to the task, he’s too old…Joe Biden’s got to show up on that debate stage and he’s got to show his juxtaposition of his vision for the country…”

“But why does he have to do what you know who didn’t have to do?” Whoopi Goldberg cut her off, referring to Trump declining to participate in the GOP debates while excusing Biden for doing the same thing.

“And the reason I ask it that way is he snaps his finger and now Joe Biden has to prove to everybody that he’s up to the task?” Whoopi ranted, adding. “The thing is, I don’t like that every time he snaps his finger, everybody has to jump,” as she snapped her own fingers for emphasis.

Not to be outdone, co-host Sunny Hostin slipped the chain.

Trump all but locked up the Republican nomination with his Super Tuesday bludgeoning of Nikki Haley and quickly turned his attention to Biden, calling for him to debate the issues, a challenge that it’s hard to see Biden accepting.

Chris Donaldson


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