There’s still a big question about Biden’s ‘revised’ sit-down with George Stephanopoulos

The job of cleaning up President Joe Biden after his CNN debate mess has been given to ABC News and the network’s ace propagandist George Stephanopoulos who was tabbed for the high-stakes interview.

Calls for the geriatric leader to drop out of the 2024 race before he gets clobbered by former President Donald J. Trump rang out after the debate and the White House and Biden’s surrogates badly need to gaslight voters that his CNN stumbles were merely an anomaly and that the 81-year-old is mentally fit as a fiddle.

The need to shift public perception is so great that the network has junked its previously announced schedule and will air the interview in a primetime special at 8 p.m. ET on Friday, with one big catch, it won’t be done live on the Disney-owned network.

The network said that “a transcript of the unedited interview will be made available the same day,” assuring Americans that they are trustworthy and everything will be above board which if that was truly the case, why not just do the interview live so people can see for themselves and make up their own minds?

“Not only is the choice of George Stephanopoulos as the interviewer by design, but it being taped and capable of being chopped up and edited by design. ABC can and should release a full transcript of the interview, but that means nothing if we’re not able to see the full, raw, unedited video ourselves,” said Curtis Houck, the managing editor of media watchdog

“This could be Robert Hur 2.0 if the transcript has a moment not shown on camera where Biden fumbles and stumbles,” Houck told Fox News Digital. “If this were a Republican presidency in crisis like this, ABC would be bullied into doing it live, but the other networks will certainly employ a trust but not verify strategy with one of their own.”

“No unedited video. We’re just supposed to trust ABC News to have not deceptively edited out the umms, uhhs, ahhs, and dashes, aren’t we?” Houck added in a post to X.

There was much skepticism expressed by X users after the interview was first announced, with few seeming to place much trust in Stephanopoulos and his employer.

It’s easy to understand why so many people now view the mainstream media as the equivalent of state-run TV.

Chris Donaldson


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