White House gaslighters have excuse for Biden’s ‘we finally beat Medicare’ flub

One week after President Joe Biden flubbed a remark about Medicare during his failed CNN debate, the White House finally tried to explain.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre gave the administration’s official spin on the moment a flustered president declared “We finally beat Medicare,” in last week’s presidential debate. The comment opened a stunning opportunity for former President Donald Trump to deliver a brutal soundbite.

“Well, he’s right. He did beat Medicare, he beat it to death and he’s destroying Medicare,” Trump responded.

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On Wednesday, Biden’s spokesperson tried to clarify.

“He meant to say he beat big pharma,” Jean-Pierre said in a press briefing. “I mean, that’s what he meant to say.”

The press secretary was peppered with questions about the debate, Biden’s health and mental fitness as well as calls for him to step down and allow another candidate to become the Democratic nominee headed to November’s election.

(Video Credit: Forbes Breaking News)

A fundraising email sent to supporters insisted Biden is sticking it out, even as members of his own party have called for him to quit in the wake of his dumpster-fire debate performance.

“I’m the Democratic Party’s nominee,” Biden says in the fundraising email. “No one is pushing me out. I’m not leaving, I’m in this race to the end, and WE are going to win this election. If that’s all you need to hear, pitch in a few bucks to help [Vice President Harris] and me defeat Donald Trump in November.”

During the press briefing, Philip Wegmann of Real Clear Politics who had asked Jean-Pierre about the Medicare remark, followed up by asking about Biden’s mental fitness.

“You have more interaction with the president than most folks. You know him better than most anyone else. Can you say… Do you believe that the president is as sharp today as he was when he took this job? Have you seen any slow-downs?” he asked.

“What I can say is this is a president who is strong and resolute in delivering for the American people. That’s what I see,” Jean-Pierre replied.

“I see a president, when I’m in sitting in front of him, you know, going through the day or talking about what he’s doing next, he is someone that engages with us. He wants to know, he pushes us, he prods us, wanting to figure out the bigger picture of whatever we’re trying to explain to him or even granule details,” she added.

“So he’s as sharp as ever?” the reporter pressed.

“He is as sharp as ever, as I have known him to be in my engagement and my experience with him,” Jean-Pierre insisted. “And I know when I walk into the Oval Office or we’re seeing him on Air Force One, I have to be on top of my game. I do. I mean, and that’s just kind of my engagement with him and how it’s been for the past couple of years.”

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