‘This is George Floyd!’ Woman goes nuts as she’s hauled off Spirit Airlines flight

A female passenger on board a Spirit Airlines flight that was departing from Las Vegas had the mother of all meltdowns as police hauled her off the plane.

The incident went down on March 23 at the Sin City airport and was caught on video that was posted to TikTok where it has since gone viral, spreading to other platforms.

In the clip, the woman engages in such over-the-top theatrics that one would think that she was a member of the House Democrat caucus, invoking the name of deceased “woke” martyr figure George Floyd and dropping the “N-word” as Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officers attempt to remove the disruptive individual from the airplane.

The video doesn’t show any context as to why she’s being removed – it was reported that she tried to bite another passenger – but she puts on a heck of a show once the cops arrive.

“This is my final warning,” one officer says at the beginning of the footage. “Please, please, leave the airplane,” right before she is forcibly removed from her seat.

“Why are you acting like I’m a rascal,” she said to police as they grabbed her arm, then shouted, “All I care about is freedom!”

“You’re under arrest,” the office says.

“That’s fine, I’ve been there before,” she responded.

“I’m not scared,” she added as she whipped her head around to the passengers in the seats behind her, mugging in a contorted fashion to the cellphone cameras that were recording the ugly scene.

“I’ve f**king been there before,” she shouted.

“This n***ger’s hurting my elbow,” she said, thrashing around from side to side. ‘He’s hurting my wrist. You’re hurting me, sheriff.,,,” throwing her head back and wailing with her mouth wide open.

“Why are you choking…I can’t breathe,” she exclaimed, using the Black Lives Matter slogan. “Why are you touching my legs?”

“This is George Floyd!” The woman shouted, referring to the career criminal and drug addict who died while resisting arrest by Minneapolis police in 2020, setting off months of violent race riots across the country.

That did it for the other passengers as one is heard saying “Get off the plane!”

“I can’t breathe,” she howled. “I can’t breeeaaathe…” as another woman’s voice is heard over the plane’s intercom instructing passengers to deplane the aircraft, a major inconvenience to their travel plans caused by the unruly adult toddler.

Her performance was reviewed by X users:

“The man who posted the video said that all the passengers had to deplane so that the cops could deal with the woman,” according to the Daily Mail. Spirit Airlines has not commented.

Chris Donaldson


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