‘This is gold’: Cringeworthy ‘Case for Kamala’ memo is laughingstock of social media

Supporters of Vice President Kamala Harris are mounting an aggressive push to install the DEI darling if the Democrat elite is successful in shoving Joe Biden out the door.

Despite her being more unpopular with the public than her boss and her obvious other shortcomings, not the least of which is her seemingly uncontrollable cackling, an anonymous memo reportedly being circulated by the party’s donors, political operatives, influencers, and interest groups has drawn mockery from social media users.

The memo which is titled “Unburdened by What Has Been: The Case for Kamala,” makes the case that there’s no need to look for a heroine to swoop into the rescue when there is already one in the building.

“There’s one path out of this mess, and it’s Kamala,” according to the Google document. “Kamala Harris has the strongest claim to Democratic legitimacy. She is the only candidate who can take the reins right now, instead of in late August with less than three months left to go. She has significant and widely underplayed electoral advantages. She can win.”

“She’s not the best option — she’s the only realistic option to win,” the memo’s authors declare, who fantasize that, “She sails into office in a landslide, bringing with her a Democratic House and Senate capable of reforming the filibuster to codify reproductive freedom – the winning issue she spent months campaigning on,”

Not surprisingly, the plea to hand over the nomination to Harris was ripped to shreds by X users.

“The ultimate decisions here – for Biden to step back, for Harris to be endorsed – will be made by President Biden himself, with direct input from a fairly small set of friends, staff, donors, and political leaders. You may know some of those people, or you may know people who know those people, or you may be on a listserv with people who know someone. Right now, the most important thing to do is to make noise in support of this basic premise: Kamala is the only viable option to succeed Biden, and if she gets the nomination, she can win,” state the authors at the conclusion of the lengthy pro-Kamala memo, sounding like they’ve been munching down on too many edibles.

Chris Donaldson


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