Embarrassing! Rep Cori Bush’s team punked by prankster, fell for it hook, line and sinker

Squad member deemed the “proudest Oct. 7 rape denier” after finding herself completely conned by the “Chief Rabbi of Gaza.”

The congressional Hamas caucus took a hard hit near the end of June when New York Rep. Jamaal Bowman found himself on the losing end of his Democratic primary. However, there was still hope for “’empty suit’ antisemit[ism]” in the halls of Washington, D.C. thanks to his peer, Missouri Rep. Cori Bush.

While repeatedly burdened by ethics investigations and criminal probes over her alleged misuse of campaign funds, the St. Louis-based congresswoman more recently found herself shouldering the shame of a prankster and getting ridiculed for sharing sympathies with terrorists, according to a report from the New York Post.

The newspaper detailed that an email from Michael, the man behind the parody account of Rabbi Linda Goldstein, self-identified as the “Chief Rabbi of Gaza,” communicated with Bush’s team expressing hopes to work together on a fundraising event.

Writing to the lawmaker’s finance and engagement director Ronika Moody on June, Goldstein explained, “I’ve been bouncing around different cities since my congregation was displaced from Gaza after Israel’s invasion on October 7.”

“Also — would [Bush] travel to the Gaza border for the fundraiser?” the prank email wondered. “The optics could be incredible!”

Day later, on June 27, the Thursday after Bowman had lost his primary to Westchester County Executive George Latimer, Moody responded to Goldstein, “Cori is interested in hosting in Gaza and it’s something she has been trying to plan. Unfortunately, we have not been successful with that opportunity as of yet.”

“Theme is Gaza?” posited the director.

Ramping up the rhetoric, the parody account came back with the unanswered response, “The topics are built about finding a final solution to the problem of Zionism.”

“We need to protect Cori Bush at all costs. We can’t let the pro-Israel machine take her away the way they took @JamaalBowmanNY away,” posted Rabbi Linda the day after Bowman promised to bring the “power of the motherf*cking Bronx!” against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Speaking for himself to the Post, Michael ripped the congresswoman and said, “Cori Bush is the perfect example of an ’empty suit’ antisemite.–completely clueless about how the Israel-Palestine conflict works, but eager to speak up because it gives her cover to publicly hate Jews.”

Likewise, actual faith leader Rabbi Susan of the Central Reform Congregation in Bush’s district said to the newspaper, “Cori has not done her homework about anything to do with Israel and Palestine and it’s very sad.”

While social media users delighted in the lawmaker’s team getting fooled for their continued stance against the Jewish state, Rabbi Linda had heaped on added mockery Friday and posted on X, “Good Shabbos @CoriBush…You’re the proudest Oct. 7 rape denier I know. Wishing you a restful and quiet weekend.”

Kevin Haggerty


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