‘This one doesn’t bother me so much’: Maher reveals support for part of Trump’s education agenda

Believe it or not, liberal comedian and talk show host Bill Maher has found something he agrees with former President Donald Trump.

During the latest episode of his HBO talk show, “Real Time,” he slammed most of Trump’s 2024 agenda but admitted that he does at least support some of what the former president has planned in the education department.


“[Trump] says under his administration, schools will teach students to love their country, not to hate their country like they’re taught now,” he said.

“I gotta say, this one doesn’t bother me so much, because this is what I see when I see these progressive kids demonstrating for Hamas, the most illiberal people in the world, that ‘oh good, we’re going to give America its comeuppance; asshole America.’ They kind of have been indoctrinated this way,” he added.

He continued by citing the recent words of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

“Schumer made a speech this week. He said ‘antisemitism’ is a five-alarm fire that must be extinguished.’ This is the highest-ranking Jewish politician we’ve ever had in this country. He talked about when Jewish people hear chants like ‘from the river to the sea,’ you understand that means wipe us out by any means necessary,” Maher said.

“Vulnerabilities in the party, the Democrats have a big split generationally on this issue. The kids seem to be with the Palestinians, and the older generation seems to be with Israel,” he added.

Exactly right.

However, Maher’s guest, longtime Democrat strategist James Carville, seemingly tried to defend the Democrats by pointing to Trump’s “good people on both sides” statement after the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Recall that Democrats had used the statement to accuse Trump of defending the white supremacists who’d also attended the rally and killed a protester.

But to his credit, Maher’s other guest, conservative podcaster Dave Rubin, pushed back by explaining to Carville that Trump had not meant the white supremacists when he’d spoken about “good people on both sides.”

All this comes about a month after Maher first spoke out against far-left Democrats’ embrace of Hamas. Speaking on his show in late October, he directly slammed the disturbing  “indoctrination” that’s now occurring in American schools.

“There are few, if any, positives to come out of what happened in Israel, but one of them is opening America’s eyes to how higher education has become indoctrination into a stew of bad ideas. Among them, the simplistic notion that the world is a binary place where everyone is either an oppressor or oppressed,” he said at the time.

“They’ve convinced themselves Israel is the most repressive regime in history because they have no knowledge of history or even a desire to know it. And actual history doesn’t come up in their intersectionality of politics and genderqueer identities class,” he added.

He continued by slamming the college presidents who’ve remained silent in the face of all this antisemitism, as well as the “woke” college professors who’ve embraced it.

“The fact that college presidents who usually love to speak out about anything couldn’t find their voice to condemn the worst attack since the Holocaust. There’s a lot about who really controls colleges and why, if ignorance is a disease, Harvard Yard is the Wuhan wet market,” he said.

“Not that colleges didn’t always have professors with radical beliefs. I know. I used to sell them weed. But the reason why despising Israel became pretty much a requirement of the American left is colleges, elite colleges, the mouth of the river from which this and all manner of radical left illiberal, yes, illiberal nonsense flows supporting all black, that is segregated dorms, segregated graduation ceremonies and orientation programs which occur on hundreds of campuses is illiberal,” he continued.

“So is the racism against Asian applicants and chasing speakers off of campus. When the First Amendment watchdog group Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression began ranking colleges based on their commitment to free speech and inquiry, Harvard came in dead last. There is only one set of acceptable opinions on campus, and it’s policed hard,” he added, using an example to illustrate the intolerance at Harvard,” he added.

Vivek Saxena


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