‘They won’t even let you try!’ FL Dems set to cancel state’s primary, automatically award votes to Biden

The party of “our democracy” seems to have little use for the actual practice of allowing people to choose their political representatives and a shifty move in Florida is a perfect example of the Democrats’ true colors.

The Sunshine State’s Democratic Party is set to do away with the need for its primary next year, automatically awarding the votes to President Joe Biden who is seeking reelection, and depriving residents of the chance to pick an alternative to the deeply unpopular octogenarian by leaving his most serious contender, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-Minn.), off the ballot.

In news that was first reported by Politico, “the state party submitted only President Joe Biden’s name as a candidate up for the nomination,” a slimy trick that greatly angered Phillips who lashed out at the rigging of the game against him, threatening to sue over access to the ballot and vowing a fight at the party’s convention in Chicago next year.

“Americans would expect the absence of democracy in Tehran, not Tallahassee,” Phillips said. “The intentional disenfranchisement of voters runs counter to everything for which our Democratic Party and country stand. Our mission as Democrats is to defeat authoritarians, not become them.”

The candidate – who has infuriated Biden loyalists with his longshot bid – also blasted the move in a video posted to the X platform.

The Florida Democratic Party is run by former agriculture secretary and weed lobbyist Nikki Fried, a foul-mouthed apparatchik who despite being so unpopular that she lost the gubernatorial primary to Charlie Crist – who later became roadkill – was tabbed to resurrect their hopes in the now deep red state and rigging the system seemingly isn’t above her.

Another primary candidate who is also affected, self-help guru Marianne Williamson, also blasted the banana republic-style maneuver.

“You have to jump through a lot of hoops to get on the ballot in states across the country, but Florida takes the cake: they won’t even let you try!” Williamson wrote, arguing the secretary of state is allowing the party to “DECIDE who it wants to be on the ballot.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who was another challenger of Biden, bolted the party to run as an independent once it became clear that the Democrat Party machine wasn’t about to give him a fair shot.

Chris Donaldson


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