Tiffany Cross faults Tucker Carlson for being fired at MSNBC, claims race also factored in

Tiffany Cross, a rabid racial grievance monger who was fired from MSNBC in 2022, is now predictably crying racism.

Appearing alongside fellow racial grievance monger Angela Rye last week on the new weekly podcast “Native Land Pod,” she claimed that the beginning of the end for her show started when then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson accused of her trying to start a race war.

“After this, the network did not issue a statement the way they had for some of my white colleagues who had also been targeted by MAGA extremists,” she said.

“Instead executives spoke to me and instructed me that I could not respond to Tucker Carlson at all, and then they began to scrutinize my show every little thing I wrote,” she added.

She meanwhile continued to spew hateful drivel.

“Specifically, she noted that she snarkily called Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas ‘Justice Pubic Hair on My Coke Can,'” according to The Daily Beast. “Additionally, during an infamous sit-down with Charlamagne tha God in the fall of 2022, Cross referred to Florida as the ‘dick’ of America and that it should be ‘castrated,’ taking aim at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ policies.”

That was the final straw.

“After that show… that morning, I got a call from the president of the network saying they were not going to be renewing my contract, which was up in a month, and that my viewers would not even be given the courtesy or the respect of me not being able to sign off or have a final show,” Cross revealed on the podcast.

“When that happens, it suggests to other people in the industry that this person is so unhireable that we could not trust her with a live mic. The firing was very abrupt, and it was very intentional to my audience, my viewers, that you are not the type of viewers that the company cares about. I was devastated when my show was canceled. I was so sad,” she continued.

She added that she was “never given an official reason” for her show’s cancellation and that “it was pretty obvious that I had drawn the ire of white conservatives.”

In reality, she’d likely drawn the ire of EVERYBODY who hates racism:

During the podcast, Cross further revealed that her problems at the network began even before she’d been granted her own show. They specifically began when she beefed with lead network host Joe Scarborough, a white leftist.

“She said that, after a segment on ‘Morning Joe’ in which she challenged host Joe Scarborough about the history of racism in the Republican Party, he purportedly ran to executives to try to block her from [being granted her own show],” according to The Root.

FYI, The Root is itself a hotbed of racial grievance mongering.

“There’s an unspoken rule that you’re not supposed to disagree with Joe, and I didn’t get that memo,” Cross recalled on the podcast.

“I was told by several reputable sources, including a talent agent, two anchors, and another executive at the network, that he left set and went into the president of the network’s office to complain about my segment, to complain that I disagreed with him, said that I called him racist,” she said.

Despite Scarborough’s complaint, she did get her own show — one that she used to spout hateful, racist nonsense on a regular basis.

She claimed on the podcast that after she received her own show, her alleged mistreatment only got worse.

“Every single week from the start of my show to the very last show I did, it was a battle,” she said. “It was a battle to cover things that I wanted to talk about. When I would fight these battles, I know y’all know exactly what I mean; I was spoken to in the most condescending ways.”

“[Joe Scarborough] was allowed to say what he wanted to say as were other white men on the network. I had my script scrutinized because they didn’t want me saying anything that sounded like an insult…it was exhausting,” she added.

While it’s true Scarborough has a history of spouting a lot of stupid crap, at least his crap isn’t tinged with racial animus and hate. The same cannot be said of Cross, who had a short-lived career spewing regular hatred for whites until MSNBC finally axed her.

Good riddance.

Vivek Saxena


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