‘Time to go’: Former special agent details the demise of the ‘politically weaponized’ FBI

It is difficult to imagine a more exposed, more disgraced, or more terrifying entity operating within the United States than the nation’s top law enforcement agency, the FBI, whose aggressive actions to cover up anything that might be potentially damaging to the Biden administration, hands-on efforts to censor law-abiding Americans, and apparent willingness to incite violence they would later blame on political opponents and “domestic terrorists” have left the country for years in a state of perpetual chaos, operating on a two-tiered system of justice that always seems to punish conservatives.

With the damning release of the “Twitter Files” by CEO Elon Musk and a band of independent journalists, the “conspiracy theorists” who have long claimed the FBI was targeting them for their political beliefs have been vindicated, and, with Republicans now in control of the House of Representatives, it appears Americans will finally learn just how many lines the Feds have crossed with the establishment of a new committee styled after the famous 1970s Church Committee.

But despite the many whistleblowers who have come forward to shine a light on the agency’s alleged transgressions, few agents have thus far stepped up and publicly condemned the disturbing direction the Bureau has taken in recent years.

Former Special Agent Nicole Parker is a welcomed exception to that rule.

Writing for Fox News, Parker explains why she “walked away from the FBI and the career [she] once loved.”

In 2009, Parker left her job at a multibillion-dollar hedge fund to become one of just 900 people to make “the cut” and become a special agent.

“I considered it a sacred responsibility and was honored to be entrusted to protect and serve the American people,” she writes. “My entire career was spent in the field, where I believed I could make the strongest impact in rescuing victims and putting criminals behind bars.”

Parker went on to “work alongside the finest and brightest in the FBI” on such cases as the Parkland school shooting, the 2017 shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport, and the case of Cesar Sayoc, who in 2019 was sentenced to 20 years in prison for sending homemade pipe bombs to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and other prominent Democrats.

“Yes, it was physically taxing and emotionally jarring,” Parker admits. “But I believed I was making an impactful difference.”

“Every day I woke up and embraced being an FBI special agent,” she writes. “Until things changed.”

Parker says “the FBI’s trajectory transformed” during the dozen-plus years she served as an agent.


“On paper, the bureau’s mission remained the same but its priorities and governing principles shifted dramatically,” she explains. “The FBI became politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington and trickling down to the field offices.”

As an example, Parker points to June 2020, when “images and videos surfaced online of special agents in their FBI-marked ballistic vests kneeling to protesters in Washington, D.C., while on official duty protecting our nation’s institutions.”

The former agent explains that, “while on duty and wearing official FBI gear,” agents are not permitted to express any “potential political support” for any person or cause.

“Some claimed they knelt for de-escalation purposes but images revealed some agents clapping and smiling!” she writes. “They hardly seemed to be in danger. In fact, the agents posted at another building nearby remained standing during the entire protest.”

“On top of that, there was no reprimand for any of the agents who knelt that day,” Parker continues. “In fact, many ended up getting highly sought-after promotions and were offered $100 gift cards by the FBI Agents Association.”

Parker writes:

For many agents nationwide, it was upsetting to see the lack of judgment by the kneelers, much less their apparent political statements while on the job. And the fact that they were treated like heroes by some FBI managers was appalling.

 It’s as if there became two FBIs.


Politically motivated virtue-signaling by her misguided colleagues destroys “the bureau’s credibility” and leads to a loss of faith in the agency for Americans, Parker contends.

To make matters worse, the FBI has, according to Parker, lowered its eligibility requirements for new recruits “which is negatively impacting the agency’s performance.”

Many Americans no longer trust the FBI and the morale among the agency’s employees has plummeted.

“As a result, teams are less cohesive, less trusting of each other and less safe,” Parker writes. “For many, becoming a special agent was their calling in life but now it’s merely an extremely high-risk job with minimal contentment.”

In the end, she says she “no longer felt” she was “the type of agent the FBI valued.”

“I began to lose passion for the career I’d loved,” Parker reveals.

Ultimately, Parker says, she realized, “It was time to go.”

“For me, distancing myself from egregious mistakes, immoral behavior and politically charged actions taken by a small but destructive few FBI employees became exhausting,” she writes.

Two months ago, Special Agent Nicole Parker turned in her badge and “quietly walked away from the FBI with an exemplary and spotless record.”



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