TIPP: Biden hurts the soul of the nation

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President Biden is a career politician with close to 50 years of experience. In the course of his long political career, he has made many mistakes.

Nursing Presidential aspirations early in his career, he ran for the job in 1988. In that campaign, President Biden plagiarized portions of speeches from others. It included former President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-N.Y.), and British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock. The action led to him dropping out of the race.

You would think he would have learned a life lesson on public speaking from that event. He has not. Fast forward to 2022.

President Biden delivered a prime-time speech on Thursday from the Independence National Historical Park in downtown Philadelphia, where the United States Constitution was drafted in 1787.

Team Biden called the speech “battle for the soul of the nation,” and the Marine Band played patriotic songs during the event. The stage background for the speech was deep red. An angry President Biden at times clenched both his fists.

President Biden said: “Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.” He continued, “MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution, do not believe in the rule of law. They did not recognize the will of the people and refuse to accept the results of a free election.”

Let’s put things in perspective. The midterm elections are on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

On August 8, 2022, 92 days before the election, the Biden administration launched the opening salvo by raiding President Trump’s home.

On August 25, 2022, 75 days before the election, President Biden spoke in a Maryland high school gymnasium. He labeled MAGA people ‘semi-fascists.’ According to CNN reporting, President Biden was test-running the message he is expected to tout aggressively for Democrats this fall.

The third abuse of MAGA people came on Thursday, 68 days before the election, as Americans packed their bags for the long weekend.

A hat-trick!

President Biden’s actions are distractions to divert the pain and suffering of Americans. Here are the realities on the ground.

The top issues facing Americans are the economy, gun violence/gun control, and immigration and border security, according to the IBD/TIPP Poll conducted in early August.

President Biden miserably fails in all of them.

Let’s take the economy. The U.S. is in stagflation which is an economic slowdown accompanied by inflation. The inflation is running at a 40-year high of 8.3%. Bidenflation, measured by the TIPP CPI, stood at 12.6% in July. Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Wages are not increasing, leading many to cut back on food.

The Fed is tightening its monetary policy. Dow dropped 1,000 points on the day of the meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There’s no alternative, but America has to swallow a bitter pill to make up for profligate spending on the fiscal side by Team Biden.

Only 27% give President Biden good grades for his handling of the economy. Most Republicans (87%) and Independents (55%) flunk him. Even among Democrats, only 45% bestow him with good grades.

Immigration and border security are disasters under President Biden. His immigration point person, Kamala Harris, has not delivered the goods as illegal immigrants continue to flood the border.

President Biden’s failure has increased the abuse of migrant women transported and coerced into indentured servitude, prostitution, etc.; increased deaths of migrants due to drowning, vehicle accidents, dehydration, etc.; and smuggling of opioids and heroin across the U.S. border.

President Biden gets good grades from only 28% of Americans on the issue of immigration. Most Republicans (84%) and Independents (54%) give President Biden failing grades. Only 50% of Democrats give him good grades.

In summary, what does President Biden have to show?


A disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, a lousy economy, an uncontrolled border situation, skyrocketing crimes, and over a million coronavirus deaths under his watch.

As Diana Allocco, tippinsights contributor and former editor of the Limbaugh letter recently wrote: “…Joe Biden, as candidate and as President, has already proved that for a Democrat president, doing the work is completely unnecessary.”

Just like a regular politician, President Biden resorts to the age-old trick of divide and rule.

Call them ‘semi-fascists’ and harangue them with denigrating rhetoric. Set the government apparatus against opponents. What a pity!

President Biden is acting like a Divider-in-chief. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he proselytized unity when he took office. Where did that go?

In the August I&I/TIPP Poll, 73% of Americans think the country is divided.

To facilitate long-term tracking, we came up with the TIPP unity index. It had fallen from 37.8 in April 2021 when we began tracking to 28.5 in August. That’s a fall of 9.3 points or 25%. That’s President Biden’s crowning achievement.

So, Mr. Biden’s campaign message is to Divide America Further. Contrast this to “Let’s Make America Great Again,” which was one of Ronald Reagan’s most famous campaign slogans during his 1980 campaign for President of the United States.

The President’s cynical and dividing speech brought one thing to the fore before the crucial elections. The Democrats have no other agenda – domestic, international, fiscal, or developmental – other than what brought Biden to the White House – defeat Trump. And in a desperate effort to do so, he’s become the very image, the very persona the patriotic Democrat is said to loathe.

May God Bless America!



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