Tony Bobulinski sues Fox’s Tarlov for defamation

Biden impeachment witness Tony Bobulinski followed through on his threat and has filed a lawsuit against Jessica Tarlov of Fox News for defamation.

The liberal co-host of “The Five” falsely claimed that Bobulinski, Hunter Biden’s former business associate, linked to former President Donald J. Trump by telling viewers that a Trump-related PAC was paying his legal fees.

After being warned to retract or else, Tarlov gave a tepid walking back of her “maliciously blatant lie” last Thursday, but it wasn’t the retraction that Bobulinski was seeking and now he’s suing her for $30 million.

“I would like to clarify a comment I made yesterday during our discussion of Tony Bobulinski’s appearance at the congressional hearing. During an exchange with my colleagues about the hearing I said that Mr. Bobulinski’s lawyers’ fees have been paid by a Trump super PAC as recently as January,” Tarlov said of her remarks on the previous day’s show.

“What was actually said during the hearing was that the law firm representing Mr. Bobulinski was paid by a Trump PAC. I have seen no indication those payments were made in connection with Mr. Bobulinski’s legal fees and he denies that they were,” she admitted.

It fell far short of what Bobulinski wanted and, on Thursday, his attorneys filed the lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York stating that Tarlov “failed to retract and apologize” for her lie.  Tarlov’s employer, Fox News is not included in the suit which is seeking $30 million in damages.

“Today I filed a lawsuit against Ms. Jessica Tarlov of Fox News for defamation,” Bobulinski said in a statement. “Although I am seeking compensatory, special, and punitive damages from her for the damage her public remarks inflicted on my personal and professional reputation, this is not about money. This is about the truth, for which I have been fighting for four years.”

“It is important for media personalities like Ms. Tarlov to understand that lies have consequences. I have consistently told the truth to the American people about the deep corruption of the Biden family and will continue to do, and I have paid my legal expenses arising from my decision to come forward out of my own pocket,” he said. “I will donate every penny I may be awarded in this suit to a children’s hospital and to support our military Veterans. Ms. Tarlov refused to apologize and sincerely correct the record. I look forward to holding her accountable in a court of law and to continuing to bring the truth to the American people.”

Fox News maintains that Tarlov’s remarks were accurate.

“Jessica Tarlov’s March 21st statements were accurate and made clear that she was not aware of anything to indicate that payments from a Trump PAC to Elections, LLC were made in connection with Tony Bobulinski’s legal fees,” a network spokesperson said in a statement. “We stand by our decision to not issue any further corrections and will vigorously defend against these inaccurate claims.”

Bobulinski could be onto something in suing her directly and not taking on the deep-pocketed corporation itself, and the suit could be a blueprint for others who have been smeared by the purveyors of lies in the mainstream media.

Chris Donaldson


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