$25M flashy fundraiser ‘a bad sign’ – Obama, Clinton, Biden celeb-fest gets get shouted down by protesters

It was glitzy. It was glamorous.

Like Rat Pack cosplayers, former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton and President Joe Biden rose from the floor with smoke machines going and everything.

And it cost the A-list celebs who packed Radio City Music Hall up to $500,000 to watch it happen — quite an ask when you consider the star of the show wants to tax the rich into submission.

The Big Guy raked in more than $25 million, with some folks reportedly paying $100,000 for a selfie with the Treacherous Trio. But according to Point Bridge Capital founder Hal Lambert, a GOP megadonor, the star-studded event is not actually good news for Team Biden.

But how can that be?

CBS “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert moderated the presidents’ dishy discussion and, according to Fox News Digital, “DreamWorks Pictures co-founder and ex-Disney executive Jeffrey Katzenberg helped organize the event.”

Lizzo, Queen Latifah, and someone named Cynthia Erivo were there!

Well, that’s just it.

According to Lambert, the spectacle showed the president wasn’t capable of drumming up excitement without celebrities at his side.

“Having the celebrities there and having the former presidents there says a lot about Biden’s effort to be able to raise money on his own,” he told Fox News’s “Your World” host, Neil Cavuto.”I don’t think he would come close to that number of $25 million had he not had all the celebrities and not the former presidents there.”

Having a flank of friendly stars is entertaining, Lambert said. And, he suggested, having Obama and Clinton on hand helps Biden to communicate better with his ostentatious audience.

“I think it’s difficult for him to do at this point,” Lambert said. “I actually think it’s a bad sign.”

Another bad sign might be the number of times the show was interrupted by pro-Palestinian protestors.

According to the New York Post:

One demonstrator, a woman blowing a whistle, holding a “war pig” sign and warning of “nuclear war with Russia,” was removed from the lavish New York City event, dubbed by the 81-year-old president as a “grassroots fundraiser.”

The first interruption was quickly followed by booing and whistling and two other waves of protests related to Biden’s support for Israel’s war against Hamas.

“Shame on you Joe Biden,” one of the anti-Israel demonstrators shouted.

Multiple yelled, “Blood on your hands.”


Obama had to step in at one point, saying, “No, listen. You can’t talk all the time. Sometimes you have to listen. You can’t just talk and not listen.”

Outside, attendees were “stalked” by the activists.

They filled the street, chanting “Down with the USA” and “Genocide Joe Has To Go!”

Meanwhile, journalist Chadwick Moore reported, “There are scores of NYPD officers unable to pay respects to their fallen brother tonight because they’re working security in the rain for Joe Biden’s $25 million fundraiser.”

And that’s where former President Donald Trump was spending his day, attending “the wake of murdered Officer Jonathan Diller.”

“The split-screen contrast really says it all,” wrote the popular End Wokeness account on X.

And Trump, Lambert told Cavuto, doesn’t need a bunch of flashy stars to score $25 million.

Biden may raise more this quarter, he said, but Trump has his own event to look forward to.

“He’s going to have over $25 million raised in his fundraiser, and he doesn’t have anybody else showing up there that are superstars to help him raise it,” Lambert said. “He’s doing it on his own.”


Melissa Fine


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