Too far? Angry mob comes for woman who foolishly climbed sacred Mayan pyramid

A blonde woman in brightly colored clothes figured out the hard way that disrespecting monuments can come with some serious backlash in foreign countries.

Unlike in the United States, where social causes encourage the desecration of historical monuments, in Mexico, things escalate very quickly when someone breaks the rules.

The lady in question, who is reportedly a Mexican woman named Abigail Villalobos, found this out personally when she climbed to the top of the Castillo de Kukulcán in Chichén Itzá. The pyramid is considered one of the seven wonders of the modern world, and tourists have been banned from walking on the ancient structure since 2008.

It would appear that the woman in the now-viral video either wasn’t aware of the years-old change or simply didn’t care.


Here is another angle of the incident:

Villalobos scaled the monument as the large crowd below booed her, stopping to do a little jig at the very top before descending, though in hindsight she was probably safer at the top.

When she finally got back down to the ground, the mob of angry people circled around her, throwing water at her and yelling. Some were shouting that she deserved jail for what she had done, while others more radically chanted “sacrifice.” The massive group continued to grow as the woman walked away, and it has some people on social media split. On one hand, she was clearly disrespecting the historical significance of the building and deserves some sort of punishment, but on the other hand, is assault and mob escalation the best way to deal with rule-breakers?

Twitter users weighed in on the subject:

According to a news report, Villalobos was fined $200 for her behavior:

Sierra Marlee


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