‘Tool for Hamas’ Jamaal Bowman gets lit up after he touts non-existent ceasefire

There seems to be an unwritten rule that any day that ends with a “y” is a day that Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) makes a complete fool out of himself and Monday was no exception.

The volatile male “Squad” member has been regularly sounding off about the ongoing war between Israel and the Hamas terrorists and the fire alarm-pulling Democrat touted a ceasefire in Gaza on social media.

“One million Palestinians are trapped in Rafah. There is a ceasefire on the table. A path to peace is in front of us. We must stay strong in our demands to end Netanyahu’s violence and ensure a permanent #CeasefireNow!” Bowman wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

The media, which has been openly hostile to Israel, was buzzing about the end of hostilities, a development that would be a very welcome one to President Joe Biden as it would give Michigan Muslims a six-month cooling down period before the election.

But while Hamas did reportedly agree to accept a proposal brokered with Egypt and Qatar, any such agreement would have to have the approval of Israel, which it doesn’t.

After rejecting the Hamas scam, the IDF began the long-awaited assault on the terrorist stronghold of Rafah on Monday.

Bowman was roasted on a spit by X users, some of whom noted that he was behaving like a “tool for Hamas,” just like his fellow “Squad” members have with their ongoing attacks on Netanyahu and Israel.

Not even Vice President Kamala Harris seemed to take the bogus ceasefire seriously, letting reporters know that she was more concerned with her lunch than the prospect of peace in the Middle East.

“Hamas says it accepted a ceasefire deal. Your reaction?” A reporter shouted at Harris.

“Shrimp and grits. You wanted to know? Shrimp and grits,” responded “Momala” as she exited a dining establishment with a bag of food and hopped into a waiting vehicle.

Bowman, who is a serious contender for the biggest buffoon to ever serve in Congress, is facing a serious threat to his seat in next month’s New York primary, largely because of his stance on Gaza and his friendliness with the anti-Semites who have menaced Jewish students on college campuses and have spent over six months having a temper tantrum over the elusive ceasefire before Hamas is wiped out.

Chris Donaldson


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