‘Totally sane’: WaPo crybully Taylor Lorenz skipping 4th COVID Christmas – fears ‘social murder’

Taylor Lorenz’s broadcast of her “FOURTH” COVID Christmas left her bristled over backlash for labeling celebrations “social murder of disabled people.”

Sure to please the panic porn peddlers, The Washington Post columnist, whose self-identification as immunocompromised read to many as waving the banner of victimhood, recently chimed in on masking at the holidays.

Highlighted by Libby Emmons of The Post Millennial who summed up, “Taylor Lorenz is skipping Christmas for the 4th time because Covid,” the WaPo writer known for doxxing Libs of TikTok and a lasting reputation as a crybully launched some pretty sizable stones on those who “don’t feel enough shame” from her digital glass house.

“Totally agree with you on the mitigation advice, but I very much judge anyone who participates in the social murder of disabled people just because it’s ‘the holidays’. Many of us who are high risk are missing our FOURTH Christmas because other selfish people can’t be bothered to mask and take basic precautions that allow us to safely participate in public life,” lamented Lorenz. “They don’t feel enough shame and judgment [in my opinion], instead infection has been fully normalized.”

SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly boiled the take down in her own way as she captioned the post, “Christmas — aka the ‘social murder of disabled people.’ A totally sane person. Well done WaPo.”

As it turned out, Lorenz, who had relocated much of her acerbic takes on society at large to Threads instead of X was also left criticizing that the Meta-owned social media platform had been suppressing COVID information.

“As long as Threads continues to outright block terms like long COVID from search and downranks disabled ppl seeking to talk about the mass disabling event we are experiencing right now, this will never be an inclusive platform,” she had posted weeks earlier.

The WaPo writer would go on to refer to opposition to COVID restrictions as parroters of “eugenic talking points.”

Calling out “not just a right wing community but a very extreme far right community,” Lorenz added, “A significant portion of self described ‘Liberals’ and leftists fall into this camp and now openly parrot eugenic talking points on Covid (which is still ongoing and killing ppl/maiming millions).”

Her caterwauling was readily met with disdain for her and people like her alongside some musings about the relief family and friends must feel about not having to play along with the COVID theater, and without even pointing out the numerous studies from before and after lockdowns that discredited the efficacy of masks, in some cases showing them to be a detriment.

“I bet her family is breathing a sigh of relief as for the fourth time in a row, they don’t have to wear masks at the family Christmas party,” said one user as another chimed in, “‘mAnY of Us WhO aRe hIgH rIsK…’ Ahhh yes, the white middle-aged female lib urge to be in perpetual victimhood…Four freaking straight Christmases, that’s gold.”

Some pointed out Lorenz’s documented selective use of masks.

Kevin Haggerty


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