Tourists, including one holding a child, SPRINT toward mama bear and cubs in Yellowstone

Time after time, some Yellowstone tourists insist on going against every warning they’ve heard about wild animals, opting to place their fates in Darwin’s hands instead.

One of the most blatant examples of people going against their own survival instincts comes from a couple of tourists caught on camera fully sprinting toward a mother black bear and her cubs as they grazed on the side of the road. Making this even more egregious is the fact that one of the men was carrying a young child.

Luckily the animals had more sense than the humans, and ran away before anything dangerous or stupid could happen:

The “insane” footage was captured by South Carolinian William Brice Spencer, who ended up selling it to Storyful.

Thankfully, nothing happened to either the animals or the tourists, but there is just something about the bears that makes people very curious.

In another example of what not to do in the wild, a video posted by the “Tourons of Yellowstone” Instagram account shows multiple people come uncomfortably close to a bear feasting on a fresh elk carcass. It becomes immediately clear that the bear is agitated by the attention, growing protective over its food as it tries to eat.

“Some might think that this griz would be too occupied to care about the tourons, but this is probably one of the most dangerous positions to be in,” reads the caption of the video. “Grizzly Bears become very protective when it comes to their food, the griz might think that these ppl are a threat and it would take him literally seconds to reach one of these tourons!”

“Obviously no ranger was present, and those children being there and so close just gives me massive amounts of anxiety! There is a reason you should keep 100 yards or more from bears, especially Grizzlies.”

Social media users shared their common sense and sarcasm with the “tourons” sprinting at the mother bear:


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