Trans killer reportedly smirks at his victim’s family when he’s called a ‘monster’

A transgender loon who killed someone refuses to apologize for his horrific crime because he genuinely thinks he’s the victim.

In fact, Moses Jacob Lopez, 30, is so unapologetic that he smiled at his victim’s family members during his sentencing hearing Wednesday in Portland, Oregon, where the murder occurred last year.

FYI, Lopez is reportedly an LGBT activist who used to just identify as a feminine gay man:

The story traces back to the night of April 9th, 2023, when, after a night of partying, Lopez called 911 and asked for a ride home. The operator told him to order a cab, and so he ordered one, but the cab company accidentally entered the wrong address, according to The Oregonian.

When Radio Cab driver Reese Lawhon arrived at the wrong address — “Southeast Water Avenue underneath a highway overpass” — Lopez lost his mind and stabbed him from the back seat.

The stabbing attack killed Lawhon, 43, but Lopez feels no remorse.

“I ended up in a very scary part of town where I was genuinely afraid,” he said in court. “I refuse to apologize for the lack of help that I so desperately needed.”

He went on to claim that he’s often targeted because of his transgender identity.

His claims of victimhood triggered massive anger.

“The excuses that were made in the courtroom today for [Lopez’s] actions are disgraceful,” Radio Cab spokesperson Darin Campbell told The Oregonian, adding that Lawhon would have been the first person to help had Lopez simply asked.

“Words cannot express the horror, pain and finality of this crime,” Lawhon’s mother, Ginger, added. “Reese’s death was senseless and we are more than heartbroken. However, we refuse to define his life by this ending.”

“We tell our kids so many times that monsters aren’t under the bed or in the closet, but it’s all a lie,” one of Lawhon’s two sisters, Claire Pearce, said in court. “Moses Lopez is a monster and will always be one.”

The latter remark reportedly prompted a smirk from Lopez.

Despite Lopez’s crime and his lack of remorse, he received a paltry 22-year sentence thanks to a “sweetheart plea deal” from left-wing District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

“Circuit Judge Heidi Moawad sentenced Lopez, now 30, to 22 years of state prison in exchange for guilty pleas to charges of first-degree manslaughter and unlawful use of a weapon,” according to The Oregonian.

“A separate case charging Lopez with threatening two employees of a Coos County Bi-Mart days before the killing were dismissed as part of the plea deal,” The Oregonian notes.

That said, Lawhon’s family reportedly agreed to the plea deal.

“Reese Lawhon’s family [said] that accepting the plea deal was a difficult decision – but they didn’t want their parents to have to go through a trial,” according to local station KPTV.

Speaking with the station, Ginger said that friends and acquittances continue to ask how they’re coping.

“When will I be able to say ‘fine’? These will never have an ending,”” she said. “Fortunately, what will never end is the remembrance of Reese’s kind heart, his gentle soul, his sincere responsibility towards humanity and his love of family and friends.”

When the murder occurred last April, Lopez was originally charged with second-degree murder and the unlawful use of a weapon.

An investigation by journalist Andy Ngo further found that Lopez previously worked as a certified nursing assistant but was eventually fired in June of 2021 over his “abusive and threatening behavior.”

“Information gathered in the [Oregon State Board of Nursing]’s investigation show that from 2019 through 2021, CNA engaged in abusive and threatening behavior towards co-workers,” a probation order reads.

(Source: Andy Ngo)

Also according to Ngo, the Portland Police Bureau (PPB) originally delayed releasing Lopez’s name after his arrest last April.

“Lopez reported during the booking process that they identify as a transgender female. Per our policy, an adult in custody (AIC) who identifies as transgender shall be housed in a sheltered housing unit for up to 72 hours, excluding weekends and holidays, while the Transgender Review Board assesses appropriate housing options that address safety, risk for abuse and minimizing perceived or actual fear of becoming a victim of violence,” the police said in a statement at the time.

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