Paul Ryan accuses Trump and Tucker of generating an ‘extremely dangerous’ and ‘pro-tyranny’ narrative

Paul Ryan hammered former President Trump as well as Tucker Carlson, calling his recent interview with the Russian president an “infomercial for Putin.”

Ryan, who sits on the board of Fox News, spoke with Washington Post’s Senior Congressional Correspondent Paul Kane on Wednesday during the outlet’s “Election 2024” live event.

The former GOP House speaker, who is a Never-Trumper, accused Carlson and Trump of pushing “pro-Putin” and “pro-tyranny” to their followers in the United States.

Kane wanted to know Ryan’s take on current events concerning the news, Congress, and Carlson. The former speaker was happy to oblige and dumped all over his fellow Republicans.

“What is it about Russia in which we continue to come back to this sort of reverb loop that started back in 2016, where they keep trying, apparently, and to some measures, they sort of keep succeeding?” Kane disingenuously asked Ryan, seemingly referring to a GOP informant in President Biden’s impeachment inquiry having alleged ties to Russian intelligence.

“But Russia has been trying to penetrate our system for a long–before 2016. I mean for quite a long time. They got very active in those days, and obviously, now, as we know, that Russia tried to affect our elections,” Ryan responded.

“On the flip side of this, what makes Republicans angry, deservedly so in this particular case, is that the Obama Justice Department did abuse the FISA court. They did abuse the FISA laws on this matter, and we can go into the Steele dossier and all that stuff,” he commented.

Ryan went on to blast Russia’s efforts to propagate disinformation in the United States.

“They believe our weakness is our freedom, so that we would polarize ourselves into inaction,” he charged. “And Russia is basically with a bayonet trying to poke and find the soft tissue in the American political system, and this is probably just one more chapter in that story.”

At that point, Kane turned the tables to attack Carlson instead of Russia.

“Do you think that they found that little hole in the system with Tucker Carlson? What did you think if you saw any of the clips of him rolling through Soviet–sorry–Russian grocery stores proclaiming their greatness?” he asked Ryan.

“That was just astounding to me. That one takes the cake, frankly,” Ryan told Kane.

The former speaker went on to clobber those in his own party instead of Democrats which was telling to many who saw the interview.

“Yeah, I mean, what they’re going to try and do is build sympathy. What worries me more–and not just Tucker, but that’s a symptom of all this–is that they’re curating sympathy in America. And they’re helping nurture and develop an isolationist wing in my party and in our country, which I think is very, very dangerous,” he claimed.

“They’re developing people who want to see NATO reduced or NATO not adhered to. Obviously, former President Trump is pushing this line as well. So what I very much worry about is they’re helping curate a line of thought, a school of thought that is isolationist, that is pro-Putin, pro-Russia, pro-tyranny at the end of the day. And that is extremely dangerous for all democracy but for us as ourselves as a democracy,” Ryan said.

He then struck at Carlson for his interview with Putin.

“And so what I see Tucker as, just one little chapter in that story. I didn’t watch that whole interview. I watched a little bit of it, but it just looked like a kind of an infomercial for Putin to be able to push his propaganda,” Ryan sneered sounding exactly like a Democrat.


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