Transgender ‘anarchists’ pull bone-headed move protesting police, are then rescued by police

The radical left shows no signs of relenting in their campaign to demonize and otherwise undermine law enforcement in America.

With many departments around the country understaffed and citizens paying the price, protesters have been fighting the building of the future Atlanta Public Safety Training Center for better than a year and struck again early Wednesday to disrupt construction.

The footage below of violent protesters descending on the construction site is from March 2023:

Two transgender “anarchists” with the group “Drop Cop City” climbed a 250-foot crane at the site and chained themselves to it using a makeshift lock called a “Sleeping Dragon,” recklessly putting their lives at risk along with the police and fire department personnel who rescued them.

The group reportedly draped a “large vertical banner that read ‘Drop Cop City'” and boasted that they “used reinforced pipes to attach themselves to the ladder system within the frame of the crane, blocking access to the crane’s control tower and effectively shutting down the machine,” according to 11Alive.

“Atlanta Police and Fire Rescue just saved two trans women who climbed a 250-foot crane and taped themselves to it. The activists were protesting construction of “Cop City” in a forest near Atlanta. They protested cops and were then rescued by cops,” social media user Paul Szypula tweeted while sharing body cam footage of the rescue.

“In a coordinated effort, Atlanta Police and Fire Rescue teams were compelled to intervene and remove two anarchists who had scaled construction equipment to protest the construction of the Atlanta Public Safety Training Center,” the Atlanta Police Department said.

Parker Demos, 23, and Frederick Hetzel, 22, were detained, though it’s not clear what charges they faced, if any.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) responded to an APD tweet to say, “Lock ’em up!”

Here’s a sampling of other responses from X, with a fair number of people advising the police to leave the protesters up for a while to teach them a lesson:

Tom Tillison


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