‘What the hell is going on?’ Horrifying reality when embedded with ICE officers inside a Sanctuary city

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been working in Massachusetts to round up illegal aliens after sanctuary cities ignore detainer requests.

Fox News reporter Bill Melugin reported after being embedded with a team of agents in Boston, one of eight sanctuary cities in Massachusetts. In just one morning with the elite team of ICE deportation officers, Melugin reported that four alleged child rapists and a violent MS-13 gang member were arrested.

“ICE says their detainer requests on all of these illegal aliens weren’t honored by local jurisdictions due to sanctuary policies in Massachusetts,” Melugin noted in a post on X.

“ICE tells me those policies allow illegal aliens charged or convicted with heinous crimes to roam the streets after release without any notice, and make their job more dangerous because they have to find & arrest aliens charged or convicted with aggravated felonies on the streets, instead of having them handed over in a safe environment like a jail,” the Fox News reporter explained.

“That’s every day up here in Boston,” ERO Boston Field Office Director Todd Lyons told Melugin, noting how “frustrating” the sanctuary policies are.

“Those are the public safety threats we really want to get off the street. It was a great day, great day for the team. Five public safety threats that can’t victimize anyone anymore,” he said, while admitting that staffing issues are a major challenge.

“I don’t have enough officers or resources to tackle all these public safety threats,” he said. “Are we gonna go after the child rapist today, or are we gonna go after the twice-deported fentanyl dealer? Because we can’t do both.”

Melugin’s post prompted many outraged responses, including one from X owner Elon Musk.

“We have a limited number of resources… there is only so many officers, so many hours in the day that we’ve always had to prioritize who it is that we target for arrests and we always try to target those egregious public safety threats,” David Wesling, the deputy director of ICE’s Boston Field Office, explained to WHDH in a report earlier this month.

“ICE has called out the courts this year for ignoring their detainers and releasing an individual charged with rape and indecent assault on a disabled person, a man with multiple gun charges and a person who was charged with molesting a child,” the news outlet noted.

“Already this year, ICE agents out of the Boston Field Office have arrested Brazilian child rapists, a MS-13 gang member wanted for murder, a Honduran gang member facing drug distribution charges, and a Romanian convicted murderer; all escaping prison time in their own countries by hiding in the U.S.,” the WHDH report continued.

“2023 was a really, really busy year and we’ve already started surpassing our numbers just in the first two months of this year,” Lyons told the station, which noted that the office removed 600 people and detained 1,400 others last year – with all of them being convicted or charged with crimes.

Frieda Powers


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