Transgender competitors beam while scoring gold AND silver medals in Illinois cycling championships

A women’s event at Illinois cycling championships sparked fury and outrage after only one biological woman was seen on the awards podium – coming in third place behind two transgender competitors.

Journalist and podcast host Megyn Kelly summed up the response when she simply posted, “Infuriating,” to news of the outcome of the female event at the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships over the weekend.

Despite categories for men, women, and junior athletes, the two top prizes in the Women’s Singlespeed category were nabbed by a pair of transgender “women,” leaving Kristin Chalmers, the only contender born a female, to be left with third prize.

Tessa Johnson and Evelyn Williamson scored gold and silver medals, respectively, while Chalmers was awarded the bronze medal.

Kelly was among a torrent of negative reactions to the December 3 championships and she included a link in her post to the comment that slammed USA Cycling for allowing biological men to race in “women’s categories all over the US.”

“Johnson and Williamson have been racing as women for years. Since 2017, Williamson has collected some 18 first place titles in races across the country,” Daily Mail reported. “According to past reporting, Williamson competed in both men’s and women’s categories at the Sky Express Winter Criterium in March 2020, where the cyclist won first place racing against women.”

But in a men’s race composed of 40 cyclists, Williamson did not place at all, the outlet noted, also pointing out that Johnson previously competed “in men’s categories while riding for Clemson University.”

“Several months ago, Reduxx reported that the pair competed as a team in two women’s races in Illinois, claiming first place in both,” Daily Mail added. “In one of those competitions, the athletes chose ‘TS-ESTRODOLLS’ as their team name – referencing the cross-sex hormone.”

Former NCAA swimmer and women’s sports advocate Riley Gaines wrote that, “[USACycling] has 2 categories for men and none for women.”

“Any woman who concedes and doesn’t compete, I will personally pay them the prize money they’re missing out on,” she wrote on X. “Stop participating in the farce.”

“No licensee may enter a race under an assumed name nor conspire to allow another rider to enter a race under an assumed name. This includes fraudulent use of another rider’s license, racing numbers, or timing,” the USA Cycling Rules Book says.

“It’s so outrageous. Why aren’t more women standing up against this assault on their rights?” demanded British TV personality and journalist Piers Morgan.

His reaction prompted a response from tennis legend Martina Navratilova who wrote, “Women are standing up but it’s mostly men who make the rules. And it is male bodies who take advantage of these ridiculous rules.”

Plenty of other social media users unloaded their anger on X:

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