Transgender woman also identifies as a WOLF says she would not howl, bark at her job or in public

Screengrab Naia Ōkami/Wolf

Excerpt from Daily Mail

A woman who identifies as a wolf says that people often have ‘misconceptions’ about her’ spiritual and psychological’ life as an animal.

Naia Ōkami, 27, from Seattle, identifies as a British Columbian wolf and regards herself as an otherkin therian – a subculture who believes their soul is that of an animal, rather than a human.

In 2017, Naia came out as a transgender woman on social media and in November 2019, she revealed to her followers that she had legally changed her gender to female.

She insists that despite sometimes barking and howling like a wolf, she is aware she is physically human and maintains a ‘serious job’ while ‘spiritually expressing herself’ as an animal.



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