Truly unreal video shows Amazon driver behind the wheel as his truck gets SPLIT in HALF by a train

A shocking moment captured on video showed an Amazon delivery truck being cut in half by an oncoming train in Wisconsin.

The harrowing incident occurred in 2021 but the newly-released video gives a different perspective from inside the vehicle as well as the shocked reaction of the driver, a father of two who miraculously survived with only minor injuries.

Driving near River Valley Road in Ixonia in the November 2021 incident, Alexander Evans was buckled in and safely driving the Amazon delivery vehicle on that day – which was also reportedly his 33rd birthday.

“You can see Evans going about his business and driving along casually. He makes a left-hand turn to get over the tracks … and that’s when the train comes barreling through his van,” reported TMZ which obtained the new footage.

“Evans gets completely rocked inside … and even after the immediate impact, the train goes zipping by right behind him. He’s able to get his composure and starts to unbuckle himself — seemingly looking okay. In the end, Evans only went to the hospital out of precaution,” TMZ noted.

Another angle of the impact, from the front of the Amazon van, was also shared, showing how the vehicle’s front windshield was shattered by the force.

Asked at the time what he felt when the train hit, Evans told WISN, “Just air and the pressure. I felt the airbags. I didn’t know what to feel, to be honest with you.”

Evans told the outlet that he’s deaf in his left ear so he didn’t initially hear the train horn.

“Literally, it was like one long beep, horn from the train, and I put my foot on the gas, kind of like trying. I don’t know how far I’m going to get away from him,” Evans told WISN which noted that there were “no signals, lights or warning sounds at that crossing.”

“When all of us looked at that video of the aftermath and the photographs, we just couldn’t believe you survived,” WISN reporter Terry Sater told Evans at the time.

“I still can’t believe it myself, as well,” the Milwaukee father replied.

Frieda Powers


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