LA Mayor bails out mentally misfiring Biden in sad scene: ‘These people think we’re stupid’

President Joe Biden’s apparent cognitive decline is undoubtedly a major issue heading into the 2024 election cycle, and it looks like his fellow Democrats are doing their best to help him out.

Biden was in Los Angeles to announce his next step in canceling a massive $138 billion in student debt, impacting around 3.9 million people, when a reporter called out to ask him a simple question.

“Mr. President. Do you need a strong State of the Union Address to win re-election?”

A confused Biden, who appears to have either not heard or not understood the question, was shielded from the moment by LA’s Mayor Karen Bass, who stepped in to answer for him.

“He is going to win re-election anyway,” she confidently announced, causing the gathered crowd to explode into cheers and applause.

This may have been a supportive and innocuous moment for any other candidate, but with so many questions about Biden’s ability to carry out the duties of the office he holds swirling around, social media users were not impressed.

Sierra Marlee


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