Trump adds Gavin Newsom to his list of political nicknames

Donald Trump dropped a new nickname for California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday while giving a speech in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The former president engaged in dueling border visits with President Joe Biden, and he commented on a growing string of crimes being committed by illegal immigrants to say, “Crooked Joe has the blood of countless innocent victims” on his hands.

In pointing out all the benefits Democrats are extending to invading foreign nationals who defy U.S. immigration law, Trump referred to “Governor Newscum.”

“Crooked Joe has the blood of countless innocent victims — it’s so many stories to tell, so many horrible stories. Three years ago, we had the most secure border in history… We had the most secure border and people weren’t coming because they knew they weren’t going to get in.” Trump said.

“And we weren’t promising free education, free medical, free everything. I mean, all the promises that are made, no wonder they come,” he continued. “I mean, you look at what this Governor Newscum from California. Isn’t that his name? Newscum. What he’s done to California is unbelievable. People are pouring in, they think they’re going to get medical aid, and our soldiers, our vets, aren’t being taken care of.”

These benefits, coupled with Biden’s open-border policies served as enticements to draw people from all across the globe and are essentially the real “root cause” of an invasion of illegal immigrants that is approaching 10 million in less than four years.

The GOP marked Biden’s second visit to the border with an exhaustive timeline of executive actions the president has taken to facilitate the historic flood of illegal immigrants at our southern border:

Ironically, Trump was complimentary of Newsom last year when he spoke with then-Fox News host Tucker Carlson

“I used to get along great with him, you know, when I was president. Got along really good,” he told Carlson. “He was always very nice to me. Said the greatest things. He would say things like, ‘He’s doing a great job.’”

“That’s why I could never hit him because he was so nice to me. Just laying in wait, right? But he was very nice to me—relatively speaking. Some of them weren’t. We did a good job for the governors. But they talk about him.”

For those who are into sarcastic nicknames for political opponents, “Newscum” was a winner… here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

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