Trump calls on House GOP to ‘SHUT IT DOWN,’ says it’s time Republicans ‘learned how to fight!

In calling for House Republicans to “SHUT IT DOWN,” former President Donald Trump argued for the GOP to leverage against the “Marxists, Fascists and Thugs” while declaring who would take the blame for a shuttered government.

“It’s time Republicans learned how to fight!”

As funding negotiations entered their final week before the end-of-the-month deadline, Trump urged the GOP to take full advantage of the current situation to settle for nothing short of “EVERYTHING” they hope to achieve through appropriations.

Sunday night on Truth Social, the president began, “The Republicans lost big on Debt Ceiling, got NOTHING, and now are worried that they will be BLAMED for the Budget Shutdown.”

“Wrong!!!” he contended. “Whoever is President will be blamed, in this case, Crooked (as Hell!) Joe Biden! Our Country is being systematically destroyed by the Radical Left Marxists, Fascists and Thugs — THE DEMOCRATS. UNLESS YOU GET EVERYTHING, SHUT IT DOWN!”


Included in the to-do list, Trump called for the GOP to “Close the Border, stop the Weaponization of ‘Justice,’ and End Election Interference — WE MUST HAVE HONEST ELECTIONS. It’s time Republicans learned how to fight!”

Earlier on Sunday, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz made a similar argument as he had a row with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo whom he decried as a “shill” for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) over her defense of investigations and lofty promises that amounted, by his reckoning, to little more than “failure theater.”

“Setting up a committee is an end unto itself only in Washington, D.C., but the American people demand results,” Gaetz argued. “These committees have done nothing to reduce inflation. They’ve done nothing to actually constrain the Biden government.”

The Florida legislator shared the president’s post on Monday and redoubled his salvo against McCarthy who hadn’t been mentioned by name, “Trump agrees with me…Not @SpeakerMcCarthy…No Continuing Resolution…Break the Fever…Hold the Line.”

“Are you listening Mitch McConnell, the weakest, dumbest, and most conflicted ‘Leader’ in U.S. Senate history?” asked Trump as he further tore into Republican leadership, intimating that future endorsements could be on the line. “HE’S ALREADY GIVEN THE DEMOCRATS EVERYTHING, THEY CAN’T BELIEVE HOW LUCKY THEY GOT. WE NEED NEW, & REAL, REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP IN THE UNITED STATES SENATE, NOT A CLONE OF MITCH, & WE NEED IT NOW!!!”

Meanwhile, as the president took aim at the Senate Leader for allegedly leading a surrender caucus, Speaker McCarthy told the press over the weekend that dealing with the Democratic White House was easier than working with members of his own party because “you’re negotiating with one-on-one persons with a few of the staff.”

“When you’re negotiating here,” he said of the House, “everybody’s king. Because one person can close it down, then once one person gets something, everybody has to get something, then somebody else has to get something now.”

However, as Gaetz had pointed out, the deadline was not a surprise to anyone in Congress, and by his assertion, “Kevin McCarthy has been dilatory. He’s been fiddling like Nero as Rome burns.”


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